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Pig Movie Reviews

A small gem.

Saw this at the Sci-Fi London festival. Although a genre picture, it is one that is no way clichéd.

I won’t give away any more of the plot than is already available on this site, not just for the sake of spoilers, but also because the subtle way in which the plot is revealed (one heavy handed plot turn aside), is one of the main joys of this small gem of a film. It’s a very low budget feature, but what it lacks in action and special effects, it more than makes up for in intrigue, tension, a good central concept, deft story telling and a towering central performance from Rudolph Martin. One or two aspects are ambiguous and require a small leap of faith, but this is in no way to the film’s detriment. Recommended.

A tantalizing movie that keeps you thinking even after the film

This movie about a man who wakes up in the desert with no memory is a fascinating look into what part our memories play in who we are and who we perceive ourselves to be. Writer/Director Henry Barrial uses a mystery to take a fresh look at relationships, memory and consciousness. This film is much better viewed without to much knowledge of the plot, allowing your subconscious to follow the clues to the surprising ending. The movie is being billed as a science fiction thriller, which it is, but it’s a thoughtful, psychological study rather than what passes for most box office Sci-Fi these days. You won’t find gratuitous explosions here!

Pig is a well crafted film, with care taken to make every scene relate to a greater whole. The desert and Los Angeles scenes really capture their location in a way that isn’t often seen. I enjoyed seeing places I am familiar with but which rarely making into the movies.

Finally, the acting is superb. Rudolph Martin does the heavy lifting of carrying the film with little dialogue and we care about his character from the beginning. All the actors are great in their roles and the chemistry between them is believable and compelling.

Brilliantly crafted independent film

Pig simply ticks all my film choice boxes. Intelligent, with insightful character performances, and a complex plot; this is a film to make you think. From the opening scenes you sense you will be on a very uncommon journey, it begins slowly and builds in intensity without ever losing sight of the tension needed to keep the audience engaged. The final conclusion is a dramatic tour-de-force. Deliberately ambiguous, you can make of it what you will, personally it was deeply emotionally moving. Writer/director Henry Barrial proves beyond any doubt that he is a master craftsman. With a beautifully judged, subtle and intelligent performance from actor Rudolf Martin in the leading role, there is nothing out of place, nothing that jars the senses. This film is, simply, one of the best and most rewarding features I have seen on a big screen in a very long time.