An Ideal Host (2020)

83% – Critics
100% – Audience

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An Ideal Host Movie Reviews

Superb black comedy about a dinner party gone wrong

Imagine that you planned the perfect dinner party and then things started to go a bit wrong. And then even more wrong. How wrong? The only way to describe it would be to compare this film to a movie where King Kong was tearing the Titanic apart just before it hit the iceberg. The action just keeps getting more and more extreme until it reaches complete madness, and it goes a few steps more. This movie is great fun if you have a taste for the absurd.

The hostess with the mostest.

Having only found out about the Soho Horror Film Festival during the last two weeks it was run, I was thrilled to discover shortly after it had wrapped,a repeat screening/stream of the title that had won the Audience Award for best feature film,which I had missed,leading to me meeting the host.

View on the film:

Laying out the foundation of the house across the screen, debut producer/director/ cinematographer Robert Woods (who after composing the scores and editing a handful of shorts, scores & edits his first movie here) brings out a humorous mood to Liz’s dinner party hosting skills, with screen-wipes presenting each attempt Liz (played by an excellent Nadia Collins in her film debut,who dual welds dead-pan comedy with a fight or flight action urgency) makes to present the most refine surroundings to her guests.

Sitting the viewer at the table with the guests, Woods serves up a stunning long panning shots, which crosses close-up on the snappy exchanges shared by the guests, with a lingering in the air stillness, as the dinner party takes a turn.

Initially appearing to be a comedy of manners, the screenplay by Woods takes a startling left-field turn into Ozploitation Sci-Fi Horror, with Woods fabulously taking the caricaturization of the first half,and folding it into the jet-black gory Horror ,as each guests reveal their true body snatching intentions to Liz,as she attempts to remain an ideal host.

You can never plan for the perfect dinner party

Liz and Jackson are planning the perfect party for a select group of friends, to allow them to break the news of their up and coming wedding. However there’s an unwanted guest on the way from their past, who has decided to make an appearance, and who may well derail the whole thing, in a most unexpected manner. This is a great black comedy, with a sharp script that neatly uses the confines of the dinner party to tease out the past secrets and hidden resentments from the guests. With the wine flowing the carefully planned evening slow decent into bitter backbiting escalates in unexpected ways and an unexpected anarchic element to the film that just makes it so much fun. Full credit goes to the entire cast who create such a wonderful chemistry between them all, but especially credit to Nadia Collins as Liz who has to witness her carefully laid plans slowly unfold, but not let things get the better of her.