Man, Woman and the Wall (2006)

51% – Critics
51% – Audience

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Man, Woman and the Wall Movie Reviews

Bit of an odd cocktail, but watchable (minor spoilers)

Watched this one on Netflix Watch-now, so didn’t have many expectations. Intentionally or not, kind of an indefinable blend of styles. Turns up the erotic dial pretty high sometimes so that it starts to seem like one of those Japanese ‘pink eiga’ (think late night on Showtime), but it also throws in some humor, some action/suspense, large helpings of conversation, while mixing a reality TV feel at times with pure fantasy. Maybe the biggest ‘never seen that before’ aspect for me was having a guy who could both be a creepy voyeur type and a real social charmer. Not a combo I’ve seen. Some of the acting feels amateurish, and I can’t say that the female lead ever comes across as much more than a nice-looking chick, but the film holds your interest regardless.

Infatuation or Menace?

A semi-odd film coming straight from Japan. But it ends up a being a fairly interestingly presented story, a film which offers more than one’s preconceived notions. On a very low budget, Autuer director Masashi Yamamoto offers up an interesting tale about fantasy and reality told through the medium of a stalker, though two are involved, and the female of interest, none other than Adult AV star Sora Aoi. After viewing the film some could write this off as nothing but soft core adult entertainment. But this is where I believe, like many Japanese directors before, Yamamoto has blended in enough of an interesting plot to go beyond such a simple structure. There is actually an intriguing character study employed – in this case, which stalker will win (or lose) ..and why? What’s the difference between a simple case of overly played infatuation and menace? Is there any?

This film is definitely not for everyone, especially for casual film go’er. There’s enough skin, and two particular soft core scenes that should be satisfactory for those interested parties. This is actually the biggest flaw in my opinion due to the potential it attempts to erase. But it’s reality, therefore I can only detract so many points. But for those that can handle it ..and the slightly unusual subject matter, I think there is enough of a thought provoking message to take back home with.

If you end up getting something out of this film then I would recommend a few others to seek out: Tokyo Trash Baby by Ryuichi Hiroki, Raw Summer by Keisuke Yoshida (which also stars Sora Aoi), Moonlight Whispers by Akihiko Shiota (just be wary of the Kino release as there is a problem with the DVD mastering which causes about a third of the film to be missed – grrrrr!)

Quirky, amusing, original and fun

When Ryo, a journalist, moves into a new flat, the paper-thin wall separating them grants him access into the life of his cute, down-to earth neighbour.

As curiosity gives way to spying, so too does his loneliness become obsessive, as she becomes almost a scientific study project… but soon, mere stalking isn’t enough, and he wants to get to know the girl who lives behind the wall.

As they become closer though, Ryo is confused as to his feelings, unable to connect the bubbly woman he considers a friend, with the faceless, fantasy one who lives the other side of the wall.

Voyeurism, romance, bizarre sexual kicks… if you want to see something different, fresh and surprisingly unoffensive, given its perverse theme, then I would recommend this.

The best film venturing “off-the-beaten-track” that I’ve seen in a long time.