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When a bus-load of womens college soccer players get stranded on their way to a bikini car-wash fundraiser, they decide to set-up shop in front of an abandoned gas station on the edge of town. Little do they know the place is the stalking-grounds for a homicidal maniac mechanic named Moe.

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Bikini Girls on Ice Movie Reviews

Not appearing at an ice-rink near you this Christmas.

The title of this film puts me in mind of those figure-skating shows they put on at Christmas—only in this case, instead of Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty On Ice, it would be hot babes in itsy-bitsy bikinis performing the choctaws, camel spins, and triple salchows with a twist to the strains of Bolero (sadly, I imagine such an event is unlikely to happen due to the high risk of hypothermia).

Anyway, enough of these flights of fantasy… in reality, Bikini Girls On Ice is a routine slasher the likes of which we have seen many times before, only this time around the helpless female victims are a bunch of hot college girls in sexy swim-wear hoping to raise some cash by holding a bikini car-wash. En route to the location of the event, their bus breaks down outside an abandoned gas station, home to a hulking, wheezing, sweaty, lank-haired maniac called Moe who puts his prey into freezers packed with ice (hence the title!).

Exactly who Moe is, why he does what he does, and how come no-one has ever called in the cops to investigate is never explained, and that’s just a few of the reasons why this movie sucks, even with the ever present sight of curvaceous cuties jiggling their bits in front of the camera. Other reasons why this films bites: only one pair of bare breasts; virtually no gore; extremely dumb characters; a killer who is able to pop up wherever he likes—the list goes on…

What I fail to understand is how anyone can make such a dreary film from such a simple set-up. You got a drooling inbred psycho and half a dozen sexy girls wearing nothing but scraps of material (the sort of garments that can be removed with one easy tug)—how hard can it really be to turn that into a reasonably entertaining movie?

3.5 out of 10, very generously rounded up to 4 for all the pretty ladies.

Pointless teen slasher.

Bikini Girls on Ice starts as a group of several teenage college friends prepare to raise some funds by holding a bikini car wash where several hot teenage girls wearing very revealing bikini’s will wash your car, for money. Brother’s Blake (Tarek Gader) & Tommy (Ivan Peric) have laid on the transport, an old school bus that breaks down on the way to wherever they are going. Stuck at an old, seemingly abandoned gas station the girls decide to hold their bikini car wash there to make the best out of a bad situation. However all is not well as a psycho mechanic gas station attendant named Moe (William Jarand) start to kill them all one by one…

This Canadian production was co-written, co-produced & directed by Geoff Klein & is really scraping the bottom of the barrel in terms of entertainment value, basically Bikini Girls on Ice is one of the most simplistic & pointless films I can remember seeing. Even as a teen slasher Bikini Girls on Ice is shallow, a group of good looking teens, most of whom are virtually naked save for some skimpy bikini’s, break down in an isolated area & then start getting killed by some psycho. Character background is none existent, we know the girls are friends but other than that they are cardboard cutouts, the killer is just a guy who doesn’t say anything & whenever he kills someone he puts their body in ice for no apparent reason, we never discover who he is or why he is a psycho killer or even how he manages to keep a job as a mechanic down & the ending which suggest a sequel is baffling, I mean didn’t one of the girls make it out alive? Didn’t she like tell the police that some psycho killed all her friends? At only 80 minutes long Bikini Girls on Ice still drags badly, nothing & I repeat nothing happens between the killing & once the gimmick of seeing the female cast walking around in bikini’s becomes boring there is zero else here to enjoy. There’s no plot, there’s no explanations, no reasoning & dumb character’s you don’t care about along with several groan inducing moments like the girls opening the car trunk at the end (how did Moe get inside the trunk, close it & return the keys to the gas station for the girls to find?), why when Moe attacks them don’t the girls get back in the car & drive off after they injure him?

The gore & kill scenes fail to impress & are pretty poor too, almost all of the murders are Moe hitting someone with something but the way the murders are shot it’s filmed from the perspective of the victim so it just looks like Moe is hitting the camera lens & while there’s a bit of blood splatter there’s nothing graphic here apart from a gory slit throat which gushes blood is the films only proper special effect. Despite the title & obvious exploitation roots there’s no real nudity, I think only one girl gets nude while the other’s manage to keep their bikini’s on. I will say that Bikini Girls on Ice is well made though, it has a certain slick look that isn’t going to win any awards for style but looks polished.

Filmed in Montréal in Québec in Canada the production values are better than expected but the film still sucks. The acting isn’t great, the girls look nice enough but that’s the best thing I can say about them.

Bikini Girls on Ice has a great sounding title (the sort of title Troma would have dreamed up) but as a film it’s the pits, the plot is as bare bones as they come, even for a teen slasher & it’s nowhere near exploitative enough with little or no gore & not much in the way of proper nudity either.

the title says it, bikini’s

If you are a horror geek you can’t get a better title than Bikini Girls On Ice. One reason to give Geoff Klein (director and writer) a big cheer. Secondly, they knew how to promote their slasher, put a girl on the cover of the DVD wearing a revealing bikini, another cheer. So far the good points, sadly it’s down hill from here on. It’s really a slasher but one we have seen a thousand times. Nothing is explained about the killer, not who he is or why he’s killing or why he use ice. Of course, once the girls have a break down with their bus on the way to a bikini car wash they’ve been warned by a local that something is terrible wrong with the abandoned gas station. The killer itself is believable but there is no gore in it. It’s all filmed from the view of the victim so you only see him hitting and smashing heads. Now and then you see a bit of blood spurting on the lens. Just at the end it is enjoyable due the suspense given. And then there are of course the girls. Admit it, you not only watched it for the horror but also for the juggs. And it’s a bit flat (no pun intended) on that way too. With a title like that you expect that the bikini’s will be removed, well I have to disappoint you freaks, just one girl show her titties. And talking about their boobs, I guess the Americans will be disappointed by the ‘natural’ breasts by the girls. For the other geeks worldwide, there are no two-a penny fake tits wannabees. Maybe Suzi Lorraine has fake ones, she’s the most loaded of them all. And have a look, the title really worked, I’m talking more about that than about the horror.