Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape (2015)

  • Year: 2015
  • Released: 08 Apr 2015
  • Country: France, Italy, China, Belgium
  • Adwords: N/A
  • IMDb:
  • Rotten Tomatoes:
  • Metacritics:
  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: English, French
  • MPA Rating: TV-MA
  • Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Writer: Roy Lewis, Fred Fougea, Jean-Luc Fromental
  • Director: Jamel Debbouze
  • Cast: Jamel Debbouze, Mélissa Theuriau, Arié Elmaleh
  • Keywords: animal species, evolution, humanity,

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Animal Kingdom: Let’s Go Ape Movie Reviews

Don’t watch this movie if you value your sanity

Literally the worst movie I have ever seen and will ever see. I don’t know what possessed me to watch the whole thing, perhaps the fact I was stunned by such an atrocity, how it was even possible to create an injustice such as this.

The characters, CGI and voice acting are abysmal, the story nonsensical. Actually, describing the story as non-existent would be more accurate.

Every scene makes me shake my head in bemusement, confused and afraid of this abomination. I would go as far as to say this qualifies as the eighth deadly sin. My eyes, brain and body feel violated having watched it. Frankly, it’s a crime against humanity that this was ever released.

Me and my kids can’t get this movie out of our head!

I’m quite picky to like movies, especially movies for children… I understand the bad ratings that got this one. But i want to say that i enjoyed very much this movie… I don’t know where did it come from, it’s like an UFO, you could find a few flaws to it, i guess, but it really worked for me… I’m french and about of the age of the writer (Jamel Debbouze)… so maybe that helped me to be synchronized with what he wanted to do. I felt this movie has been made with heart, every character, every moment captivated me, i feel it’s like a music that can work for you or not… In my case, again, it worked from start to finish, even if the story sometimes lacks of credibility, it really didn’t matter, the voices of the characters and their acting made me always laughed or smiled or something… They even imitated a very famous comic actor of the past of the french cine (Louis de Funes)… That was so amazing to hear him almost alive…! I saw it with my kids two or three times, and we often imitate now the way the characters spoke, or jokes they made… So, believe it or not, this movie is one of my favorite, all category, all time! It’s a UFO, but made with heart!! I can assure you at least that. But i completely could understand if you won’t find anything there enjoyable for yourself. Especially if you’re not French and if you see it dubbed in other languages… But try it and see if the music hits you!

On of the worst movie I have seen

This is one of the worst movie I have seen. And we lasted only 30mn before stopping the torture. And I am French.

The CGI is primitive, with nothing added to the obvious motion capture to make the character “alive”, but most importantly, the story is abysmal and the character development non existent.

I am wondering how such an “object” can be made. It must cost some money to make, how is it possible to do not try to at least make something watchable? I guess you can see there the bane of the French entertainment industry: movies get income from pre-sales to TV channels, so they just have to show a bankable cast in some script that is sure to not offend anyone, and they cash in from TV braindead execs before even making the movie. I can see only this explanation for this “thing”.

A perfect lesson on how NOT to do a movie.