My Name Is Francesco Totti (2020)


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My Name Is Francesco Totti Movie Reviews

A masterpiece

It is extremely well written and directed: it’s not only a story about a great football player known all over the world, it is above all the story of a child who has always focused on his passion and became a champion. Thanks to his talent, but also to his dreams.

A touch of class

A very good watch for any football fan . Really enjoyed this programme . Totti was an absolute legend for his club and the fans adored him . Heart warming stuff .loved it .

Wonderful and Moving

This is an incredible well made documentary I really enjoyed watching. You don’t have to understand or care about football to enjoy this film. It’s an incredible portrait of a very unique human being, Francesco Totti, who also happens to be one of the greatest Italian football players of all times and the former captain of AS Roma.I laughed and cried and was completely captivated. I’m pretty sure it cannot be easy to write and direct a documentary about a football player that will nevertheless move and fascinatan audience who is not necessarily interested in the game. In this case the goal was masterfully achieved. I highly recommend watching this film. It will touch your soul.