Kidnapped to the Island (2020)


Kidnapped to the Island Storyline

Nice schoolboy Mason posts a video to show his fellow A-nerd friend Blake’s alleged talent as a singer, which gets acclaim from surprised locals. Her single mother Michelle reluctantly agrees to let her prepare for an acting career as long as it doesn’t compromise study, given college perspectives. That’s what Rachel’s talent agency promises, but after a few masterclasses for minor star R.C., the brat neglects all and everyone, even Mason, and school. Blake accepts to visit a ‘private island studio’, where girls spend little time on music, mostly at the pool with artistically irrelevant men–it’s a prostitution cover. Rachel even has henchman Rhett to deal with any threats to the secret exploitation.—KGF Vissers

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Another miss for lifetime

Boring and predictable as usual. Main character poorly cast. The singing was mediocre at best, and I think she was lip singing….”girl uploads 1 mediocre song and becomes successful”

Brilliant mum and daughter rescue film

I watched fame at a deadly cost today on amazon prime and I found the film very entertaining and moving about a teenage who trys to be a pop star gets manipulated by a record producer and used her human trafficking and I liked the scene were Blake goes to nightclub and been deceitful towards her by her mum trying to take her passport away from her to stop her from going to the island were dc trys convince to go with her that scene was breathtaking and the ending scene were Blake’s mum barges in the island bedroom finds Blake with a man was so intrigued and extremely good great film I enjoyed it.

Uh, no……

Story about a blonde, pretty girl who sings just way too much in the movie for our liking, Lame movie plot builds around her and falls flat. For such a serious topic as sex trafficking, this one misses the mark as mama of course comes to the rescue! Come on, LIfetime. Wake up and make something believable, please!