Dio: Dreamers Never Die (2022)

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The first career spanning documentary on the heavy metal vocalist to be authorized by the artist’s estate includes scenes with peers, family and friends; never before seen footage; personal photos.

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I saw Dio:Dreamers Never Die, starring Ronnie James Dio-Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny.

This is a Fan_Tastic biography of Ronald James Padavona, aka Ronnie James Dio, aka Dio. This is authorized by the artist’s estate and has lots of footage and pictures from his beginnings to his death at 67 of stomach cancer in 2010, just 2 months short of his 68th birthday. There are also lots of fellow artists telling stories of their interactions with Ronnie, and some stories from his wife, Wendy. Ronnie was one of the few artists to record and tour in 6 decades, starting with Elf, Rainbow, Black Sabbath and then the band just called Dio. I am a big Dio fan and I knew most of the stories but there were some I didn’t. You learn what was his first instrument he played-it’s probably not what you think-and how he became a singer and got his name Dio. You learn how he came up with his famous horn gesture, which most people think is a devil sign-it’s not-and covers how he got 40 heavy metal artists together for Hear ‘N Aid, his version of We Are the World for starving people in Africa. If you are a fan, you should enjoy this movie.

There was about 15 minutes of extra footage after the end credits which had more people talking about him and some music, too. It said it was for theaters only.

It didn’t have a rating but it had some language and a running time of 2 hours & 7 minutes.

I really enjoyed it and would buy it on Blu_Ray.

Loved it but…

I loved this documentary and loved Ronnie very much. He treated me so well over the years and always treated me like family.

There was nobody like him and there will never be anyone who can replace him. He was truly magical and was a master at his craft.

I was saddened to see Scott Warren, Ronnie’s keyboard player, was not included in the documentary. Scott should have been included! He was a part of Ronnie’s band and family just like all the other band members were.

I’m not sure who’s decision it was to cut him or not include him, but it was a poor choice, and I’m sure, very hurtful to Scott.

Ode to a master

This film is a warm, funny and wonderful tribute to the greatest voice in rock history. A man whose voice never faltered and whose enormous stage personality was only surpassed by his love of music and his fans – the latter being comprised of both average Joes as well as all those musicians that grew up in Ronnie’s shadow.

For the general viewer it tells the tale of the legendary vocalist that managed to reach the pinnacle of success in three of the best rock bands of the 20th century. But it also contains a lot of footage and details that will keep the hardcore fans glued at the screen.

The passionate and enigmatic character that was Ronnie James Dio comes back to life as you watch the film, as does the pain of his passing in the end. It is a film that should be watched by everyone that likes rock and metal.