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After the recent media frenzy around the Birmingham anti-LGBTQ+ protests against relationships education in primary schools by a group of Muslim community members, a team of queer community reporters from various ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds in West London came together to challenge the persecution, intolerance and discrimination QPOC face, by voicing and showing their own life journeys in the form of a documentary project. This was the defining moment when Rainbow Films, a volunteer-led collective–launched through and championed by charity Make A Difference Entertainment (MADE)–was born. PRIDE and PROTEST is the filmic synthesis of the many conversations shared by the Rainbow Films team on important but often ignored issues met by QPOC about racism within the larger queer community, as well as issues around intersectionality and visible diversity in the more mainstream and White heteronormative society they live in.

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Pride & Protest Movie Reviews

A fantastic snapshot of queer people of colour in the UK

Absolutely loved this documentary featuring various QPOC activists, creative people and events!!!

Surprised to see this scored so low perhaps by people who didn’t watch it and were just offended by the cast holding up a mirror to the racist and homophobic members of society?

Blaise Singh and his team at Rainbow Films do well to capture the celebrations within the LGBTQ+ too.

OMG after watching this I really wanna go to UK Black Pride and Humgama events! Come on lockdown – be gone!

Highly recommended

Reviewed by baoboa 1 / 10


Nobody cares, get over yourself dimwit. Yet another “timely” hypocritical delusional piece of trash. Thanks but i’ll watch “the first 48” to get my news on “africa” america. oh and look up “Sir Maejor Page” for the truth on blm crap.