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Bubba is back to protect his relatives! Bubba’s cousin Chris Rhymer and her young son Jeremy come to town to hide after she testified against her crooked boss Harold Vance and sent him to prison. They move in with Aunt Hilda, who quickly tries to displace Jeremy’s mother in his life.A crooked farm boss tells his employee, Shrievie, to quit slacking off. Shrievie replies that she thought it was okay because the boss has a scarecrow. The boss looks, but the scarecrow is now gone. He says that he never had one before. The boss is trying to force Aunt Hilda off of her land. The scarecrow kills him and then, when his assistant tries to force Hilda off of her land too, he is also killed by the scarecrow. Shrievie is suspected of the murders and goes on the run. Discontented, Jeremy has already become friends with a scarecrow and is making little toy figures of him. Chris also sees a scarecrow in the corn field and starts talking about her secrets with him, planting a flower in its lapel which is somehow returned to her while she sleeps one night. Shrievie is killed by the scarecrow, too, and burned to death in an old barn. Another one of the boss’s men sees the scarecrow on the road one day and he is scared out of his truck and then run over by another truck and killed. Chris knows something is going on, and the vegetable seller is reluctant to talk about what happened to her cousin Bubba 40 years ago, but he says that Hilda knows. Hilda is vague about it, although she did take Chris and Jeremy to Bubba’s grave earlier. Chris’s new friend, Sheriff Orrin Tutt, does some research and finds out what happened to Bubba 40 years ago. Jeremy tells his mother that the scarecrow’s name is Bubba and she knows something is up. But before she can press the matter further, Vance’s lawyer gets him out on parole and he comes to town and recruits its crooked deputy to lure Chris into a trap in a barn, claiming that Sheriff Tutt is there. The deputy had pointed out that all this trouble had started once Chris had came to town, but the sheriff said to leave her alone. Chris is bound and gagged, but the scarecrow appears and hangs the deputy by his neck in the barn until he is dead. Chris tells Jeremy they have to go on the run again and he is very upset, but Hilda says there may be a way they can prevent it. Vance is waiting when Chris gets back to her house and he answers about how going on the run has caused his marriage to fail, his friends to turn against him and made her haggard and that Jeremy resents her for it, but says now Jeremy will have a better home to live in when she is dead. He forces her at gunpoint out into the corn field and makes her dig her own grave, but she throws some dirt at him when the corn rustles and he chases after her, only to be attacked by the scarecrow, thrown into the grave and impaled through his heart with the shovel. Sheriff Tutt consoles Chris later and reveals that Bubba was killed while he was hiding in a scarecrow costume. Chris goes to Hilda’s house and finds that Jeremy does not want to leave and that Hilda is actually trying to persuade Jeremy to convince the scarecrow to kill Chris so that she can keep Jeremy there to be her dead nephew’s playmate and guide. Chris tells Jeremy that the scarecrow is a child in his mind, that he should do the right thing and let him go, and that she loves him. Jeremy leaves with his mother and Hilda swears revenge. She goes to the scarecrow and hugs it, saying that she will find him another playmate and that they will have their revenge. The scarecrow crushes her to death and hangs her corpse up on its pole.The next day, Sheriff Tutt and the Mayor cover the whole matter up to protect themselves, and Chris is now in the clear. Chris and Jeremy drive out of town back to their old house. In the corn field, the scarecrow turns its head and watches them as they leave. It opens its hand and a flower drops to the ground. A crow caws.

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Dark Night of the Scarecrow 2 Movie Reviews


When I heard that one of my favorite cult classics, DARK NIGHT OF THE SCARECROW, had gotten a direct-to-video release, I was very excited, especially since it would be directed by the same person who wrote the original film.

I have now seen the film, and while I have to say that it doesn’t quite measure up to the original, it does have something to keep the viewer occupied. The plotline of a woman and her son reluctantly relocating in the area where the events of the 1981 film took place and becoming drawn into mysterious acts of supernatural vengeance does make for a good film. The plotline here seems somewhat more complicated than the original, staying more in gray areas of moral ambiguity rather than of right and wrong, while the original was a straight tale of supernatural vengeance and you could definitely tell who were the villains (I’m very glad that the events of the 1981 film ARE referred to in this film); perhaps this is due to the different directorial styles (the original 1981 film was directed by the noted writer Frank De Felitta, while this film was directed by J. D. Feigelson, who wrote both screenplays). I understand that times and tastes change and 40 years (both in real time and in the films’ timeline) have passed and I respect that. Two stories of supernatural vengeance in different time periods but the same avatar of vengeance should be told differently, and this 2022 version does a good job of eventually bringing the different plotlines together for an unexpected climax (the reveal of the REAL villain was one that I never expected!).

Now onto the drawbacks. I was not happy about that while in the original the vengeance scenes took place at night and the person responsible was never shown on camera, in this film some of them take place in broad daylight and there are slight glimpses of the person enacting them. There is a lack (or seeming lack) of a musical score in this sequel (I particularly loved Glenn Paxton’s score in the original film). While I don’t fault their acting or the screenplay, I don’t get the same “life” from the characters of this sequel that I did in the original, but that’s just my own feeling. Finally, it seems to me that there is a certain drabness or lack of color in the photography, where the original film had a certain richness of color even at night.

Some people may feel I’m being generous in giving this film 7 stars, but I feel that the strong points of the film outweigh the debits. This film is an acquired taste that may take some people longer to appreciate and enjoy than others.

Besides, to paraphrase Patrick Stewarts’ spoken epilogue from the soundtrack of THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS: “I’m still rather fond of that scarecrow man”, even forty years later.

I wanted so much more from this

J. D. Feigelson wrote the screenplay for the TV movie Dark Night of the Scarecrow more than forty years ago and now, it’s finally time for a sequel. This time, he both directed and wrote the film, whereas the original was directed by Frank De Felitta (the writer of Z. P. G., Audrey Rose, The Entity, Scissors and more, as well as the director of Killer in the Mirror, Trapped and The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan).

Can it measure up to a film that many see as a true classic?

Chris Rhymer (Amber Wedding) and her young son Jeremy (Aiden Shurr) have recently moved to a small town in Stubblefield County. Their very arrival is a mystery to the close-knit town; after all why would someone move from the big city to their little town and be content to work in a country store?

While Chris tries to build a new life, Jeremy grows closer to the older woman who watches him after school every day named Aunt Hildie (Carol Dines) and also begins speaking to an imaginary friend that he refers to as Bubba. Chris is losing track of everything in her life and finds herself confiding in the worn scarecrow in the field, telling it all the secrets of her life while placing a flower in its lapel, a flower that’s returned to her as she sleeps.

Meanwhile, it turns out that Hildie is using Jeremy to reach the spirit hidden within the scarecrow, just as Chris’ past comes back with tragic results, as it turns out that Chris was in witness protection and she’s been found.

Unfortunately, while the movie attempts to remind us of the first film, it in no way can match it or even add to it. Whereas the original only hinted that perhaps something supernatural was happening, the sequel fully invests in the idea that Bubba is inside the scarecrow. I don’t expect that past cast to come back — most of them died in that film and are also sadly no longer with us — but I have such a strong feeling and adoration for the original that this feels like an unwanted hanger-on.

I wanted to love this movie. Sadly, it fell quite far from the mark. It may have had a lower budget than the 1981 TV movie, yet that film marks the most of even its lower budget by effective filmmaking and assured direction.

Pretty awful

Boring and pointless with a confusing plot, bad acting, and terrible creature effects. In fact, the “villain” of the tale barely made an appearance in the movie. This is amateur-grade stuff. Don’t waste your time.