Three Day Millionaire (2022)

76% – Audience

Three Day Millionaire Storyline

‘A raucous black comedy about a gang of Grimsby Trawler-men who carry out the heist of a lifetime’.

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Three Day Millionaire Movie Reviews

Brilliantly Funny

Witty comedy about local people in a local town. Top top film. The characters resembled such a relatable youthfulness that everyone can connect with, and their passion and pride for their home is something that everyone feels about where they’re from. The plot was very easy to follow and the comedy balanced with the heightened level of seriousness was found in the perfect moments. The brotherhood between the three main characters was very evident and helped the audience get behind the boys from start to finish, with everyone feeling like they could see a bit of themselves in these boys. The direction and shooting of the film is also beautiful and showed Grimsby off to the world as more than the stereotypical way people think of it. Great film!


The talented and very tall Jack Spring has smashed it with his directing skills in this lively and funny movie THREE DAY MILLIONAIRE, based on the legendary trawlermen of the fishing town of Grimsby.

Funny and down to earth characters Curly, Budge and Codge, best friends struggling with change and responsibilities. Trying to adapt to a new way of life.

Demi, Gilly and Queenie hold their own as kick ass ladies in this modern comedy with a great twist.

Thoroughly enjoyed THREE DAY MILLIONAIRE and will most certainly be recommending it to all my friends and family. A good night out at the cinema.

Guy Ritchie meets this is England

Brilliantly funny film and a lovely portrait of a very proud town. Lots of rising talent both on and off screen with the director Jack Spring, well worth a watch if you’re from Grimsby or anywhere else.

Colin Mooney was great as he worked with a lot of unknown talent who I’m sure won’t stay unknown for long.

Jack Spring is an up and coming director who has a bright future ahead of him!

It was nice to learn more about a town I personally don’t have much knowledge of. This is a very fair representation of a lot of towns in England and the film gets this across well and at the same time makes us laugh, definitely watch!!!