Crazy, Not Insane (2020)

94% – Critics
75% – Audience

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A train wreck of confirmation biases and manipulators leading pure academics by the nose

I think most reasonably intelligent people realize that some of the most sadistic, unempathetic, sociopathic criminals in our midst come from awful backgrounds, dysfunctional families, abuse, and trauma. The credibility of this program’s assertions quickly ends there.

The program proceeds to document two academic psychotherapists being led around by the nose by some of the most manipulative personalities known, psychopathic sexual sadists and murderers. Murders who repeatedly and conveniently evidence, for the first time, multiple personality disorders, when interviewed by these two. Performances which are encouraged and almost welcomed with glee. If you want to watch something that will strip you of any faith you might have in defense “experts,” watch this. This is the definition of confirmation bias in quasi-science.

Not perfect, but definitely interesting

Like many of the other reviewers, I sense the Dr. has blinders on. We are shown only those murderers who tend to support her assumption of multiple personality. Yes, it would be nice to have seen some critical analysis, but this was a documentary, not a double-blind experiment. One should expect to see primarily one view. If you’re like me, you can understand that, and be impressed by the access she had to some seriously crazy (insane? evil?) people.

Too much hokum

Dr. Lewis likely has interviewed more serial killers than anyone else on the planet, but it is doubtful whether all that talk has produced any useful research on the subject. Her seeming determination to discover multiple personalities in every serial killer she interviews damages her credibility and exposes her stunning gullibility.