Vir Das: For India (2020)


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Vir Das: For India Movie Reviews

Funny, Informative and Original

This special had me laughing and learning about India’s history, customs and people throughout the whole time. It was a great and unique experience. I didn’t expect it to be this good. Writing and delivery were on point.

One of the best performances in the history of Indian comedians

For an Indian who’s away from home, this would be a completely relatable act – full of historical incidents and dark humour as well. The best part is the way Vir has connected the dots from the very beginning till the very last moment.

Cheers to Old monk and Parle-G 🙂

This is how a standup should be!

I never write reviews but all the stupid hate ratings made me wanna do this. Vir is a benchmark for indian standup comedians. He is one of those rare comics who is intellectually as well as emotionally stimulating, though he dealt with tender issues, his heart was at the right place. He can be offensive at times, to that i say that no good humor came from being polite!! A must watch if you enjoy quality comedy.