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it sucked

Almost every single character was annoying, the cussing and nudity was way too excessive, the 3Dcg they used for the bugs looked awful, and the plot hardly accomplished anything by the ending. The only positives i can think of is that the movie did have some genuinely disturbing moments here and there, but they were few and far between. For some reason the movie seemed more interested in using its R rating for dropping f-bombs and showing boobs instead of actually showing gore or blood.

The Island of Giant Insects: Underwhelming and incomplete


Students from Hosho Academy High School were aboard a plane when it crash lands under mysterious circumstances. The heroine, Oribe Mutsumi and her classmates wash ashore on an island. The surviving passengers decide to wait for help to come, but the island turns out to be inhabited by giant insects. Mutsumi wakes up on a beach and finds her classmate Matsuo Ayumi. They use their wits to procure food. Believing that help will come in three days, they decide to endure until then


Not familiar with anybody involved.


Another anime I’d likely not have gotten round to if it hadn’t been a recommendation, The Island of Giant Insects had a great deal of potential but failed to meet it at any level.

Now it’s uninspired let’s be honest, it’s the usual formula of a group of teens going somewhere and being picked up by something. In this instance varying giant insects which though provide us some very skin crawling and disturbing deaths are simply not enough to give substance.

The characters are your usual array of stereotypes from the jock to the nerd to the cruel girl and for the most part they’re all unlikable and often annoying. Then again I find the latter a common anime trait.

The flaws don’t stop there sadly, poor pacing and a non-ending really didn’t help and left me feeling this was the definition of a throwaway film.

It’s rushed, creepy and unnerving but so flawed that doesn’t save it.


I’m not one to put down other reviews, opinions are subjective after all but the complaints here seem invalid.

The suggestion the artwork was terrible? It was pretty bog standard, the generic “I want that time of my life back” the highly mature “It sucked” and then complaints about cussing *Laughs in 1950’s* and nudity which was “Way too excessive” despite being a topless girl once in one single scene. Come on guys and girls, lighten up.


Some unnerving stuff Horrible characters Poor pacing Doesn’t really have an ending.

The movie’s artwork was terrible

The plot was simple and might have had a maximum rating of 5, but nothing happened and the resolution was inconclusive. There were no indications at all that a solution was in sight when the problem was first presented. Therefore, this is definitely not the movie for you if you’re searching for one with an exposition, climax, and resolution.

The movie’s artwork was terrible in every way. This rapidly turned from a horror to a comedy, in my opinion, because the enormous bugs, which were supposed to be a terrible component, seemed more like jokes than scary. In addition, there were instances were the bugs transitioned from 2D to CGI, including one instance where they neglected to depict the MC’s (a bug-loving female) eyebrows! Awful inconsistencies that complement the film’s sluggishness.

The sound quality isn’t particularly noteworthy, but it didn’t make the movie any better either. It receives a low grade as a result.

I really loved the class representative, the softball captain, and the bug-loving girl, however this might have easily been a 1 or 2. They were likeable characters who went well with the film’s “intention”. But all the other characters were dumb, obnoxious, and did more harm than good to the film’s overall quality. It was bothersome because it felt like the writer intentionally made a lot of the characters obnoxious in order to reduce your enjoyment of the film.

Even after all the criticism, the fun was passable. I laughed so hard at the characters’ stupidity for heeding the bug loving girl’s advice and felt both ecchi and comedy. But there was nothing more to be happy about after that.

The movie was not good. My enjoyment of the film was limited to its unintended aspects and its few characters, which did not compensate for its flaws. You will be let down if you watch this expecting something admirable or redeeming.