The Last Resort (2009)


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Kathleen, a bride to be, and her four bridesmaids Sophia, Jessica, Beth, and Amber travel to Mexico in hopes of having a last “hoorah” before the wedding a few weeks away. After partying hard the night before, Sophia splits from the group to pursue Rob, a handsome young tourist from the states. The other girls decide to take a tour of the countryside without her, but are robbed and left for dead in a remote rugged terrain. As night falls, the tired and injured girls arrive at an abandon resort and decide to take shelter until morning. When they enter, strange things begin to happen, as the girls become overwhelmed by an unspoken evil that possesses the resort. Back in town, Sophia is worried about her friends and works hard to track them down. After realizing they took a scenic tour, Sophia and Rob do the same, in hopes of finding her lost friends. Sophia and Rob finally discover the resort and attempt to help their friends, but an unspeakable evil has taken control of all who travel to The Resort.—Chase Hudson

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The Last Resort Movie Reviews

Do not check into The Last Resort!!!!!

I just rented this movie from the Redbox today and I must say that if you are looking for a good movie to pull up a blanket and a pillow to cover your eyes with this is NOT your movie!!!!!!! But if you are looking for a movie to pull up a blanket and a pillow to help you fall asleep to well then this IS your movie!!!! The acting is bad, the violence is dull and the script is horrible. I fell asleep 3 times during this movie. I was waiting for it to get better or at least watchable but it never got to either point. The length of this movie is barely just over an hour but it is an hour of my life that I want back. Hey, at least one thing good came out of it, I only wasted a dollar rental. Take my advice and DO NOT RENT and PLEASE DO NOT BUY this one!!! Lionsgate has many other films in their library that are passable but this is NOT one of them!!!!

Really poor

Good looking but really badly acted barely feature length film about a South of the border resort that possesses whom ever ends up there. Starting with a ghoulish opening where a mad man kills a woman only to be killed by the locals, the film shifts to the arrival of a bunch of girls to a resort somewhere in Mexico. They are there for a bachelorette party. After a wild night four of the girls go with two guys from the resort to see the sights only the sights the guys want to see is the girls. Things turn ugly and the girls are stranded, with one of them bleeding. They wander into the cursed resort, but before they do so they call their friend who is still back in her room. Eventually everyone ends up at the cursed resort where the body count sky rockets. What can I say? the gore is good, the rest isn’t. Adequately shot the weak cast and script just let it all down, its just dumb. Its 75 minutes you’ll never get back

Technically acceptable

For what it is this movie is decently made. Except for the early parts in the bar it is a decently shot and the people involved seem to have a grasp on making a movie.

There are some good scenes as well, including some tense moments that are relatively well acted.

Unfortunately, it is hampered by generally bad writing. Again, some scenes are fairly well done and well acted, but are unfortunately overshadowed by too many scenes with distracting acting.

With stronger scripts and acting the director might come out with some good stuff in the future.