Suriname (2020)


Suriname Storyline

When Winston Righter decides eligible to stand for the presidency in Suriname, he is confronted with his criminal past. A chess breaks loose as he competes with justice and the underworld.

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Suriname Movie Reviews

A dissapointment

The other review are fake or must be from friends of the cast. The lead actor is terrible and thinks he is a great man. The story is a very bad ripoff from 90’s action movies. People were actually leaving the theater halfway the film.

Just Horrible..

Worst movie I have seen in a long time.. the acting is just horrible and there is no story at all.. save yourself and dont watch it

Worst Dutch Movie

Went to see this “movie” today. It was pure torture! Us Dutchmen need to stop making films, we’re just not good at it. Sadly this dud is yet another confirmation of that fact.

Let’s summarize: Lazy unoriginal plot, check! Bad writing, check! Bad directing, check! Bad editing, check! Bad acting, check! Even the soundtrack blows, most of the time the music didn’t fit the scenes at all. None of the things that happen in this movie make any sense.