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After wrapping up an 18-month tour for their third studio album Vide Noir, Lord Huron is teaming up with director Ariel Vida to produce a full-length feature film under the same name. Their cinematic album — which peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard 200 — is expanding to a neo-noir mystery film set in the 1960s in LA. The nighttime movie stars Victor Mascitelli as Buck Vernon and Ashleigh Cummings (The Goldfinch) as his fiancée Lee Green and is captured “through the lens of a space-and-time-bending drug,” according to the press release. It was

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Vide Noir Movie Reviews

Tries hard…

Probably too hard. There’s a lot of Lynch in here, but this goes way beyond a respectful nod to an influence and veers into often clumsy pastiche a lot of the visual presentation is like a checklist of Lynch films, although I didn’t spot anything reminiscent of A Straight Story, there’s ample representation of most everything else – at least done in a competent enough way that you can name that film, but without enough of its voice that it overrides the “borrowing”.

The lead actor’s weirdly miscast, I couldn’t tell if he was meant to be in his 20s or 50s, it’s like his features are too old for his face and ultimately there’s not enough actual acting in the performance to carry it.

The soundtrack’s probably the best feature, well – the music’s probably the best feature, there’s some nice jazz in there that gives things a creepy-sleaze vibe, but again, this gets into Lynch pastiche-territory and aside from the jazz there’s a bland indie band or two? In there layering on the reverb for that dream-pop vibe that was current (maybe) when Chromatics were doing it. Again, soundtrack – sound design… the buzzing of neon, electrical humming – I wonder where else I’ve heard that before? Oh, right… It’s a competent enough film. If the director gets to make another I’d give it a watch, but wouldn’t rush to do so. Probably worth a view if it’s part of your streaming/piracy package.

10/10 Emerald Stars; a neon-neo-noir with a fantastic sound track

A neon-noir that jumps around LA in the 1960s, following a guy trying to find his gal; this movie ticks all my personal boxes for what I want to see in a noir film. Visually, a real treat for the eyes, heavily leaning on rich, vibrant neon to paint the characters and their surroundings. The “Vide Noir” scenes are a real treat as well, with some very interesting techniques and visuals I found myself fascinated by. Fantastic set design, great cinematography, and engaging characters. Based on the Lord Huron album Vide Noir(which is fantastic, would recommend giving that and “Lost Lost”, their latest album, a listen before watching), the albums really set the scene for the audience and pull you in; the constant references to the band’s work pop out and pull at you as you’re watching. Any fan of their music will find this film familiar, as their music weaves the scenes together.

For those that aren’t familiar with the band’s work, but love the neo-noir/film noir generes: Give it a watch, it won’t disappoint. I’m excited to see what comes next from the director. Try to see it on the biggest screen you’re able to, in the darkest room possible; but be careful, you don’t wanna get black-brained…

A Surreal Nocturnal Journey

While created by the band Lord Huron and director Ariel Vida in conjunction with the album of the same name, this film has appeal beyond their existing fanbase due to gorgeously-dreamlike neon-soaked visuals, an atmospheric soundtrack, masterful cinematography and compelling story full of mystery and suspense. They even manage to include some humor, with charismatic characters and witty dialogue.

Journeying along desert highways, into neon-lit streets and smoky nightclubs, Buck’s search for his missing fiancée Lee leads him to a mysterious criminal underworld distributing a mind-bending drug. Told partly through flashbacks and surreal transitions that blur the edges of reality, it explores existential themes alongside questions pertaining to relationships, memory and perception, and how far someone will go for the one they love.

Even if you’re unfamiliar with the band, Vide Noir is well worth it for fans of these themes, neo-noir and thrillers, hallucinatory visuals and immersive sound, and independent filmmaking in general. If you enjoy the film, it may lead you to even greater mysteries as you delve into the finely-crafted universe Lord Huron has created through their music.