Daniel Sloss: X (2019)

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Absolutely brilliant, in clear Daniel Sloss fashion!

Obviously this not your standard comedy special, but that is the beauty of it. Daniel Sloss has very clearly established this unique style in his three comedy specials, and there is no doubt he cares deeply about explaining why you can and should try and find humor in life’s most difficult moments. I absolutely love his style of comedy, and for me he is right up there with CK, Gervais, Burr, Jeffries.

Everyone here is offended, why?

I’ve been reading the few reviews and I gotta say, you must not understand why he’s doing what he’s doing? I watched his show live and the entire room went from crying laughing to being the most tense setting ever, and then back to crying laughing, all in the span of 2 minutes. The man is an artist when it comes to this exact kind of comedy, because he talks about what needs to be talked about in a way where, like he says himself: “if you disagree, you’re an assh*le” His opinions aren’t radical, and his humor has always been with a serious side note, this time just happened to be something that effects nearly every woman out there, which sadly also affected his dear friend; Rape. I think it’s more than wonderful that he’s able to use comedy as a gateway to highlight just how pressing this concern is, because a lot of people won’t listen. He uses his white male privilege to speak about something important, like he has done since his first comedy show. The only difference here is that more people now feel called out, because like he said in his show, he’s “warming up the water to boil the frogs alive”. He is an awesome comedian and his humor is wonderful, he understands his audience in such a spectacular way that he predicts what we will think and feel about the things he says, and nothing says great comedian quite like that.

TL/DR: he’s right, you’re wrong. He always has and hopefully always will be the one comedian that who tackles issues like broken relationships and rape, while making such original and downright hilarious content that you can’t help but be entranced. He’s the cream of the crop, and just because his humor is dark doesn’t mean it should be dismissed. It’s rare to find a comedian who is quite so talented at keeping that perfect balance.

Watch the entire show

I’ll try not to spoil the show for those who have not seen it. Let me start by saying this was my first time seeing DS comedy and I was truly amazed. Yes he’s vulgar but the title should tip off anyone to that fact (avoid it if you have a sensitive ear). His comedy is self-deprecating and relatable at the same time. He weaves interesting stories together with a maturity beyond his years. Watch for those Nigel moments!

As for the “Ted Talk” ending some have found unsettling: it’s pure genius. This is an intimate look at a serious, topical issue told as only a master comedian could.