Sheng ren da dao (2019)


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The dream of young entrepreneur Yin Tzu-hsiang and his partners is to change the unreasonable structure of the current economy with a new generation of Internet- blockchain. Full of ideals and ambition, Yin meets Hsu Ching, a practical and rational young woman. Hsu makes Yin realise that if he wants to change the world, he has to change himself first.

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A great movie

This is a movie talking about blockchain technology. A brand new kind of story in Taiwan!!

Brilliant movie, with Blockchain Tech and Finance Knowledge smoothly blending in.

A young director’s Jack Hsu’s first movie, with a bold plan on issuing a “REAL” Self Token on the Ethereum blockchain in the real world. It’s the first and original Immersive Entertainment in not only Taiwan, but to the whole world. Thumbs up! Must see!!

The world’s first blockchain movie

Have you ever wondered why…after working so hard, you only find yourself poorer and poorer?

Young entrepreneur Ethan Yin and his partners have a dream, to use the next generation’s equivalent of the internet — blockchain — to change this faulty economic truth, to tip the scales in favor of equality. Ethan is riding the waves or caught in the tide? To create a decentralized utopia, what is needed is the belief, determination or courage?