A Creature Was Stirring (2023)

50% – Critics
42% – Audience

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A Creature Was Stirring Movie Reviews

The potential is never realized

This movie could have been so much better, but the dialogue heavy first 2 acts and unlikeable characters leading into a disastrous finale made for a mess of a film, I enjoyed the colors and the cinematography used in this film as well as the practical effects but that’s about it.

This movie is not worth the 6.99 rental, i would say maybe 1.99 but it’s not worth 7 dollars. It was not an easy watch and by the time the end came around i was already aggravated because of all the dialogue, this is not a creature feature so if you’re like me and thought it was, don’t be deceived, just another movie that reminds us that humans are the real monsters but takes way too long to get to the point and it falls flat.

Doesn’t lay enough breadcrumbs

A nurse taking care of her daughter’s mysterious affliction struggles to hide her secrets when uninvited strangers take shelter in her house during a lethal blizzard.

The movie isn’t bad, but it’s right in that middling place where I don’t feel like I wasted my time watching it, but I’ll probably not watch it again. I’m always here for a horror movie set at the holidays, thought it doesn’t play a major role. The story really laid out too many strings and then couldn’t tie them all together well enough in the end. I fault it for this, but only so much, as too often movies lay out way too much and remove the tension of the unknown. The movie starts laying that subtle groundwork of a creature feature, but it gets a bit all over the place and the ‘twist’ ending lacks the necessary setup to feel it’s full impact. It needed a sprinkle more here and there to better setup the mothers insanity. In the end, I was left with too many questions and not in a good way. The particular effects were a pleasant inclusion, but they can’t save the overall experience.

Good movie, aside from the lousy ending…

I have to say that the movie’s title and its cover/poster was initially what lured me to pick up this movie. Sure, I had never heard about “A Creature Was Stirring” prior to sitting down and watching it here in 2023, so I didn’t know what I was in for here, aside from it being a horror movie.

Writer Shannon Wells put together a rather interesting and enjoyable script and storyline for director Damien LeVeck to bring to life on the screen. And director Damien LeVeck certianly did bring the movie to life in an enjoyable and entertaining manner. I like how the storyline keeps the audience in the dark, letting us guess as to what is really going on throughout the course of the movie.

The acting performances in the movie were good. And while the movie had a very small cast ensemble, the actresses and actors on the cast list did put on convincing performances and carried the movie quite nicely. I was especially impressed with the performance of Chrissy Metz, playing Faith. I wasn’t familiar with anyone on the cast list, and that is something I enjoy when I sit down to watch a movie.

Visually then “A Creature Was Stirring” certainly was interesting, and the creature design and effects were good. Sure, they weren’t over-the-top impressive, but they definitely served the purpose of the movie well enough.

However, I have to say that the ending of the movie, well the last five minutes or so, were sort of anti-climatic and felt somewhat like a slap to the face of the audience, as if the writer and director had to round things up on the fly.

All in all, a watchable and enjoyable horror movie, though it is hardly a movie that warrants more than a single viewing.

My rating of “A Creature Was Stirring” lands on a five out of ten stars.