Night Things (2010)


Night Things Storyline

Two women find themselves trapped between life and death by a dark and mysterious machine. As they search for an escape, they must battle the Lures, a race of creatures determined to imprison them until nightfall, when the vicious Night Things come out to feed upon those who stray from the light. Soon they discover that their only escape is the evil machine itself. But using it may require the ultimate sacrifice…

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Night Things Movie Reviews

Entertaining Story and Filming

I liked it. It started out a bit rough and could have done a better job of explaining what was going on, but once it took off, it was a pretty good flick IMO. Though it was an amatuer film, it was a lot better than a lot of stuff NetFlix has been producing lately.

The filming reminded me of early color horror movies from the 60’s & 70’s. I thought that was well done. The monsters were pretty creepy and got the job done. As the movie progressed, the actors did a good job.

The story was pretty good, basically interdimensional travel and encountering unknown hostile elements. The ending was good too, I thought. I’d be on board for a sequel.

I couldn’t sit through this one

This movie is nonsense. It started right off with action, but it made absolutely no sense at all. The acting is also really bad. I turned it off after 20 minutes. I just couldn’t..

Points for Making a Flick…But that’s All

I appreciate amateur teams putting forth the money, time, and effort to make their offerings…but this is one of the offerings that should be thanked for the effort expended alone. There is nothing – acting, plot, direction – that would deserve the attention beyond those immediately involved in the flick or their immediate relatives or close friends. Anyone else, please – if your looking for a “good movie” avoid this offering.