A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas (2019)

57% – Critics
57% – Audience

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I liked it.

Yes, it is one of the same old tired storylines that Hallmark likes to do but it did have some different twists though, which I appreciated. It made it appealing and I actually like this movie’s version of the storyline better than most. I really liked what felt like real conversations that people would have and family moments. The mother and daughters giggling and hugging each other. The sisters on the bed dipping cookies in milk and having real sister moments. The father daughter conversations. All of the acting was done well including the little girl. For a child actor she was really quite good. They all clicked well and were believable in their roles. I said I wanted to hang out with the mom, after she introduced her daughter in the diner. She just seems like a cool, fun mom!

The main characters were a little slow at ” falling in love” but they were busy with the inn and working on the wedding. I didn’t mind because the story was interesting enough and I knew they would get there. This might be the first Hallmark movie were there was no silly “misunderstanding” at the end that almost splits them up but they find their way back to each other, after clearing the air. Thank you! Finally! Those misunderstandings in all those other movies are just silly and unnecessary.

There were a few misses in there. The usual overload of Christmas decor and what was up with so many people milling around the front porch and driveway? It looked like a five or six bedroom house. If the father and daughter each had bedrooms, then that left three or four guest rooms. There should not have been that many people going in and out with luggage.

Like I said earlier, I enjoyed this version of a storyline that’s been done many times but it was different enough to make it very enjoyable. I did not realize Rachel Leigh Cook was in it until it started and I got very excited to see her! I would definitely watch this again.

An irritating Christmas

I like Rachel Leigh Cook but this story is annoying. She pesters this guy non stop to decorate his inn for her sisters wedding and Christmas.

Give it a miss.

Christmas in Virginia

Not all Hallmark’s Christmas films in my view are bad, just to get that out of the way now. Was actually pleasantly surprised, and still have been, by a fair share while understanding why they won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. The premise in ‘A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas’ wasn’t that appealing to be honest, very same old, same old albeit with a different setting and 2019’s Hallmark output has been very variable on both sides of good and bad and with plenty in between.

Sadly, despite wanting to like it and be surprised by a film potentially attempting some variation on a basic concept, ‘A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas’ is one of the bad ones. Not just of their 2019 output but overall as well. Hallmark have done worse and there are worse Christmas films about, but there is just nothing to ‘A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas’ and it fell completely flat. Am not saying this with glee, while expectations were not high at all part of me wanted it to work even if just about.

‘A Blue Ridge Mountain Christmas’ has a few halfway decent things. The best aspect is the production values. Regardless of the locations not being in real life what the film calls them as, the scenery is truly lovely and appropriately festive. Makes one want to go there and definitely at Christmas. The photography complements them beautifully.

There are moments of affectionate nostalgia in the soundtrack, with sprinklings of Christmas song favourites. Kazumi Evans is a welcome if underused presence.

However, neither of the two leads did anything for me and their chemistry is a disaster. Rachael Leigh Cook tries too hard and becomes very irritating early on. On the other side of the coin, Benjamin Ayres looks and sounds utterly bored. There is no chemistry between them whatsoever, they didn’t even look like friends let alone eventual lovers and any appeal to be seen in Willow escapes me. Could care less for the one dimensional and unrootable characters, Willow was obsessive to the point of borderline creepiness (this is a fine example of character flaws being ridiculously exaggerated) and David seemed to lack assertiveness. The supporting cast try but almost all of them are unmemorable, apart from moments of spark with Evans.

Furthermore, the story is dull as dishwater from being way too thin and excessively predictable from being the same formula as with most Hallmark films with all the long well worn out cliches done to tired effect. Some of it is very repetitive too, the final act is contrived and lacking in realism and the ending is too neat and can be seen from miles away, Hallmark really do need to get some new ideas. The script is very stilted and is full of cheese and sugar to the point that it leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Most of the music is too overbearing and lacks any kind of subtlety.

In conclusion, weak. 3/10