Rediscovering Christmas (2019)


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When Mia, a talented Boston department store window designer, travels to her family’s Connecticut town to help her sister design the decor for its annual Snowflake Festival Christmas Eve dance, she finds herself at odds with–and later attracted to–the stubborn but kindly Adam, whose grandparents founded the beloved festival 60 years ago.

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Rediscovering Christmas Movie Reviews

A bunch of nothing happens.

“Rediscovering Christmas” is another assembly line Christmas film from Lifetime. If you read the credits, you may notice it was written by Karen Schaler, the writer of Netflix’s “The Christmas Prince.” You may remember that film for being more schmaltzy than story-driven. The same is true here but it somehow has even less story.

An interior designer (Jessia Lowndes) working for a department store (I guess?) has to make an appealing window display in time for Christmas. The store doesn’t get enough screen time for us to know why it is failing. I guess young people with their “online shopping” has cut into the traditional retail space. That is the first instance in which the film has a weird anti-internet theme. It comes off as if a curmudgeonly person wrote this script though the author is a younger woman.

Lowndes is tricked home by her father to help her younger sister host a holiday party with the town’s lawyer (B.J. Britt). Britt is another younger person with an anti-internet stance. He can’t stand the idea of the town’s Christmas festival being publicized on social media. The way Lowndes talks to Britt (do we have a hashtag?) seem really awkward to me. The actress seems to cringe her way through the cheesy dialog.

Lowndes decides to call in sick to work to continue working on the festival. She puts her assistant in charge to deal with the crabby department store boss. The boss is really difficult to deal with but at least the new hire is there. The festival which she’s planning is to commemorate the meeting of Britt’s grandparents. Don’t both of these characters seem egotistical to you? I couldn’t connect to either of them. At least they deserve each other.

It doesn’t help matters that the leads despite their mutual beauty have little chemistry with each other. They spend a lot of time planning the event and interact like co-workers more than anything else. At least Lowndes has a good musical number in the final moments. I’d stay skip this one unless you are a Christmas fanatic.

Good Movie

It teaches the importance of both the old and the new. The leading couple have great chemistry. The supporting cast was wonderful, too. Jessica Lowndes fan, here, too.

Jessica sings

I have been saying over and over, including posting on the movie twitter sites, that I want more Christmas movies where some of the many musically talented actors sing whether it be some carols, or an original song. There have been some, and yet there have been missed opportunities in other cases. This was an excellent performance by Jessica Lowndes.

The story is more of the same stuff being churned out by the writers. A festival or a ball or a pageant is in jeopardy and the movie’s star (from a big city) has to fix it and to do so she has to work with someone she doesn’t like (yet). Meanwhile there is a crisis in her day job and a promotion at stake. I just described 100 Christmas movies just this decade and probably a lot more than that. This one didn’t seem to have much to set it apart and therefore, we have to hope for an interesting relationship between the leads along with possibly some humor and good dialogue. Again I say, I didn’t really see anything to set it apart in any of those regards.

I think I’m being generous with the rating thanks to Jessica’s singing. Otherwise the movie isn’t awful, but it isn’t great and there are a lot better ones out there, even with the same basic premise.

BTW: I’m going to say it because so many people do, but it isn’t a factor in my rating. Do people really hold balls or wedding in barns? Is there heat? Jessica walks in from the outside with snow falling behind her with bare shoulders, and the two wide barn doors are open to the outside. Don’t get me wrong. She and the vision are beautiful, but maybe our Christmas movie culture needs to get over the white Christmas thing.

This is Lifetime, not Hallmark.