Creatures of Necessity (2022)

98% – Audience

Creatures of Necessity Storyline

13 days without receiving a ransom and their identities unveiled, everyone involved with the kidnapping of Isabella Contini, hit their breaking point and release their demons. The chaotic issues in the lives of the kidnappers, overshadow their crime, while their victim, weighed by her wavering mind, has to figure out how to escape, armed only with her wits.

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Creatures of Necessity Movie Reviews

An independent and fresh new story

It’s an independent movie and it shows. If you are fine with that, this was an awesome movie, to watch, with its weight rooted in the storytelling and plot. I really loved the journey the movie took me own. There was so much material, the movie had me questioning so many social realities that I did not know, or I haven’t addressed. The movie does a sweet dance between multiple genres, multiple desires and multiple goals. The best part of the movie is the originality and freshness. I haven’t seen any movie with a similar storyline and the performance of a few of the characters are mind blowing. The plot twist at the end was amazing and original. Enjoy.