Colin Quinn: Red State Blue State (2019)

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Comedian Colin Quinn talks about American politics and how divided the country is.

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A Brilliant Humorist

If you’re launching into this expecting a rehash of Quinn’s 2016 ‘The New York Story’, or a generic, stale stand-up routine, you might be a bit disappointed. If you’re ready to be entertained by one of the greatest American humorists alive, please hit ‘play’ and enjoy.

Funny and accurate

A Colin Quinn stand-up comedy special filmed in 2019. Quinn looks at the state of politics in the US and how it got to this.

I’ve been a fan of Colin Quinn since his Tough Crowd years and love his mix of cynical humour and astute observations. This comedy special channels these qualities as he comments on US politics and the US in general.

Some great put-downs and clever, astute commentary. Sometimes the observations are so accurate this feels more like a lecture than a comedy routine. He manages to do this without being biased in favour of any political party, making for an engaging experience.

Some jokes miss the mark though. That was always the one problem with Tough Crowd: the observations can be so clever or so many degrees separated from the topic that they aren’t funny. It’s the risk of trying to be so topical though. Some of the jokes are absolute zingers though, making up for this.

Funny. Depressing.

This is a really well written and performed comedic meditation on the current condition of the United States. I’ve watched a lot of Quinn over the years and I am pretty sure this is the best thing he’s done.

His conclusions that it’s all basic coming to an end is depressing and I’m not convinced he’s right about that, but he’s right about the current state of things.

Lots of really clever observations here and his take-down of all 50 states, one-by-one is particularly memorable.