A Taste of Summer (2019)


A Taste of Summer Storyline

Gabby Ferrar moves to the town of Bright Shore, Massachusetts to open a restaurant after a stint as a sous chef in New York. Upon arrival, she encounters Caleb Delaney, a single father who runs his own restaurant and coaches the girls’ softball team. Both restaurants will compete in the Taste of Summer Food Festival hosted in Bright Shore. During the course of the summer, Gabby finds joy in running her own restaurant as she rediscovers her passion and gets to know Caleb.

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A Taste of Summer Movie Reviews

Mismash of common tropes

There’s a festival competition to win (which including another common trope at the end but I won’t spoil it). Competing restaurants (A Taste of Romance did it way better). A baseball game relying on the kid with no confidence.

I have to say that Gabby is a compelling character. She has strong values. She is an encourager. She is eminently competent.

For two actors married in real life, the chemistry might have been there to some extent, but it wasn’t positive. I never cared if these two got together. I wasn’t as impressed with acting as could have been.

I wanted to root for Emily, but the baseball game was way too over the top and obvious.

Much better than most Hallmark movies…. It’s a nice feel-good movie.

While this is a typical Hallmark movie, there was something about this one that is better than most of them. I won’t waste your time with the plot – everyone knows a Hallmark plot by now. I admit to enjoying most of them. But some are better than others. This is one of the better ones.

I’m not exactly sure why this was better. The two leads are married to each other so the acting was comfortable, and not forced. Interestingly enough, though, something about the beginning was a turnoff and if the remote had been closer, and a dog not sitting on my lap, I would have changed the station. I’m glad I didn’t. It quickly improved, and I enjoyed it. It left me feeling good. There were slight differences to the typical Hallmark movie, which was a nice change.

We know how they’re going to turn out, but this one carried some positive messages too, that people can take with them. People don’t always win, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s trying that matters. And if you win, that’s good too, but no matter what, it’s the trying that counts.

This movie tried, and turned out to be a winner. Watch it. Neither the actors nor the script disappoints.

The couple is nice the story is bland

Roselyn Sanchez is pretty and not the most likely Chef with her flowing locks. When a real life couple acts together it’s a bit distracting from the story. She and Eric Winter make a nice on screen match. And they overcome the obstacle of the real life couple thing. She adds sparkle to whatever show she is in. The competing Chef thing is very bland.