Vadh (2022)

  • Year: 2022
  • Released: 09 Dec 2022
  • Country: India
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: Hindi
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller
  • Runtime: 110 min
  • Writer: Rajeev Barnwal, Jaspal Singh Sandhu
  • Director: Jaspal Singh Sandhu, Rajeev Barnwal
  • Cast: Neena Gupta, Umesh Kaushik, Diwakar Kumar
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Vadh Storyline

Shambhunath Mishra, a retired middle school teacher lives with his wife Manju Mishra in the old by-lanes of the city Gwalior. They were satisfied with their mundane middle class life, till their son decides to go for higher studies to USA.—nymphea-saraf

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Vadh Movie Reviews

Blessing in disguise

The whole story centers around the blessing for a kid in disguise of the old couple who protected her. The character play of pandit ji and his wife is well played by the Sanjay and neena ji. Though the story overall sound like a story taken from a magazine but presented beautifully on the big screens. The entire cast have played their individual roles very well. So many emotions, hint of suspense and thrill makes it a whole. The locality, scenes, resources are perfectly picturised to shoot the scenes. Who likes to watch something new and theme based movies, should go for this one. Completely raw, no show off, no glitter, purely a middle class old couple story.

Mind-blowing movie

This is the best movie I have watched in this century. Acting, plot story everything is just near perfect. I have not seen this level of realistic acting and script in any Bollywood movie over many years. Sanjay mishra and neena gupta have acted better than any big Bollywood name in this. Every expression of Sanjay Gupta shows how great as an actor he is. Acting done by all the casts is mind-blowing. This is a very realistic and dark theme crime movie. Its not for the audience who just want big actors like salman khan but dont have the understanding of real acting. 10 out of 10 for everything.

Strong Acting, Strong Performance, A Worth Watch – Vadh

Got to experience a different kind of film, the best thing about it is that its simplicity.

Sanjay ji never disappoints with his acting and so is with Neena madam, seeing both of them together gives a different experience in itself.

Even if there is no great twist in the film but its performance and the slow progress of the story seems very good, many people will compare it with Drishyam and add names, but it is wrong.

Yes, I agree that the method of the story is similar, but its story and characters.

The acting keeps us connected in a different way and gives us fun.

Worth Watch, personally I Loved the Story and Acting.

  • Review of Vadh – itsbymayank – Mayank Bharat Bhushan Louteriya.