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A woman awakens after an accident to discover she has amnesia. Recent events have been wiped from her brain, including just marrying the handsome man at her side.

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Bad and boring

Boring and bad. And the title is stupid and misleading. And Karissa Lee Staples has the body of a 13-year-old, as usual, and never seems to look any older than 16 in all the LMN movies she’s been in, fighting off psychos ad nauseam. But Lifetime just keeps right on putting her as the lead in their silly movies…sigh.

The movie strings you along for the first hour, keeping you guessing as to whether or not they’re really married or the guy is Iying to her. I need to stop expecting halfway-intelligent, halfway-decent movies from this network, just because there HAVE been a few good ones here and there over the past few years..


I thoroughly enjoyed watching the young John Stamos look-a-like in this flick. Nice eye candy. But c’mon Lifetime! What women is going to run from his fine self? It’s not realistic at all. The movie was interesting. Sure it wasn’t great. It does drag on for majority of the movie then the truth is revealed at the end. Quite suspenseful but may get boring to some. Honestly, John Stamos look-a-like kept me watching. He’s sexy.

Welcome to the Brick Manor Retreat!

One of our favorite actresses, Karissa Lee “Lifetime” Staples, plays the role of Kelsey Carr in this intriguing amnesia film.

Kelsey sustained head trauma after an auto accident, and when she wakes up in the hospital, she is unable to recognize her newlywed husband, Jason Davis. With the apparent intent to rest and recover, Kelsey travels with Jason to the Brick Manor Retreat in idyllic Koston, California. It is at the plush Brick Manor that the plot thickens in the relationship of Kelsey and Jason.

There was good dramatic tension established in the uncertainty of Kelsey that Jason is actually her husband, as he claims. For Kelsey, “something feels off,” especially when he insists that they “renew their vows” with a new marriage ceremony at the site of the Brick Manor Retreat. But Kelsey’s instincts are good as she continues to sense that Jason is not being truthful to her.

My favorite character was Olan Bellamy, the suave and debonair host of the Brick Manor. Olan witnessed the “dark side” of Jason, which was also the realization of Reece, the kind yoga teacher, who brought out the worst in “Jealous Jason” during a yoga session. Later, Reece was slipped a roofie in his smoothie that led to a case of “food poisoning.”

A rich dessert called “Chocolate Insanity” is a delicacy enjoyed by Kelsey at the Brick Manor Retreat. But an even greater dose of insanity is inflicted on Kelsey by the wacko Jason. There are moments where he oozes the charm. But they quickly evaporate into his true obsessive nature. Only the quick-thinking Kelsey will get to the bottom of things as her memory gradually returns at the beautiful Brick Manor Retreat.