In the Key of Love (2019)

67% – Critics
67% – Audience

In the Key of Love Storyline

Maggie Case works for her nana Evelyn as a wedding photographer, Evelyn’s company which plans and hosts weddings at Piedmount Manor on the small wedding destination of Piedmount Island, Washington, weddings the island’s bread and butter. Maggie didn’t choose this career per se but ran away from a failed singing/songwriter career in Nashville two years ago, singing and playing the guitar which she does only for her own pleasure now. It isn’t until the next bride and groom and their wedding party arrive on the island that Maggie learns the bride is Jennifer Colby, the sister of Jake Colby, the other half of what was Colby and Case. Jake was not only Maggie’s singing and songwriting partner, but also her boyfriend at the time, their personal relationship which could not withstand the professional pressures, especially in their differences with Jake stressing about the minutest aspects while Maggie didn’t sweat what she could not control. This reunion was not by accident as Jennifer, without telling either Maggie or Jake, wanted Maggie at her wedding and wasn’t sure if Maggie would accept an invitation seeing as to her and Jake’s history. Also in on the plan was Evelyn, who devised a special wedding package for Jennifer so that Maggie could spend as much time with the wedding party as possible. In the process, both Jennifer and Evelyn do whatever they can to throw Maggie and Jake back together. There are obviously still feelings between the ex-couple, but beyond needing to overcome their differences, their future as potential singing/songwriting partners and as boyfriend/girlfriend is affected by whether Maggie is willing to take a chance on life again, and Jake’s current job, his first outing as a producer for recording star Ashleigh Z, success for that project which would mean that Jake would be on the road with Ashleigh for the next year.—Huggo

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In the Key of Love Movie Reviews

Love off key

The concept actually sounded very nice and sweet, even if not novel, music has always been and still is a huge part of my life and absolutely love it when any film etc. Centres anything around it. Such as ‘In the Key of Love’. Actually have seen Hallmark do music-related films quite well, so there actually weren’t many doubts and expectations were actually higher than most Hallmark films released this particular year. Also have nothing against Laura Osnes as an actress or singer.

Something that has not changed watching ‘In the Key of Love’. Unfortunately, the film as an overall whole felt very off, the music side of things is quite good and the setting is used well but ‘In the Key of Love’ is very off-key when it comes to the romance and most of the overall execution. It is not awful and there are things that it does well. There are also a lot of things that are done rather badly, so a big part of me could not help feeling disappointed.

‘In the Key of Love’ has good things. Osnes is very appealing in the female lead role, managing to make a character very likeable (shame that the way she is treated by some of the others is anything but) and her singing ability is nothing short of fabulous. Shannon Chan-Kent and Andrea Brooks bring some vigour to their roles. Did like the chemistry between the three ladies.

Cannot neglect talking about the scenery, which is spectacular and it was clear that the cameraman/cinematographer was in love with it because the colours are so vivid and the vistas are so picturesque. There is a lot of music and it’s full of energy and makes one want to dance and sing along.

Do have to agree with others though that it was not a good move to not have the songs played in full, they tend to be far too short and round off abruptly. There are more serious drawbacks though, one of the biggest ones being Scott Michael Foster who has very little personality and never looks comfortable or like he wants to be there. He and Osnes have no chemistry, not only because the relationship is underused and under-developed but also because the chemistry feels mismatched. But even more so because the character is so unlikeable, due to overwritten character flaws, that he treats people horribly and due to never growing as a character. Didn’t like how easily manipulated and walked over Osnes’ character was, she was an appealing character but lacked assertiveness.

The story is paper thin and excessively predictable from following a well worn formula too faithfully and too to the letter, everything here has been seen before. The relationship is not used enough and never gets a chance to develop, playing second fiddle to the setting. Which was used well, but the story surrounding it comes over as very sluggish in pace and too textbook. The script is corny, lacked personality and doesn’t flow all that well. Would have liked a lot more development to the characters, especially Foster’s, and the direction is pretty routine.

In summary, pretty lacklustre and never feels in harmony. 4/10.

Maggie (Laura Osnes), Sasha (Shannon Chan-Kent), and Jennifer (Andrea Brooks)

Favorite scene with

Maggie (Laura Osnes) – Canoeing and talking with Jake and falling in the water.

Sasha (Shannon Chan-Kent) – Finally being brave enough to stand up to Evelyn regarding her job, and getting what she wants.

Jennifer (Andrea Brooks) – Telling Jake that he needs to return to Nashville to record the song.

Music in the key of love

I love this movie because this is about how to ex sing partners find each other again because the phoropter for his sisters wedding is his old ex sing partner. And they end up sing a song together for his sisters wedding. But then he gets a opportunity to song again, but he turns it down was he relishes that he is in love with this ex sing partner. And this Spring wedding/music movie is a great on for families to sit down together and watch.