One Piece: Dead End Adventure (2003)


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It was a quiet night at the harbor of Anabaru. Luffy continuously ordered meals, right when the crew is in need of more money. Nami overhears a conversation between a pirate and the bartender at the bar they’re at. About a way in getting more money, the pirate gave him 200 Belli and was lead secretly out of the bar. So Nami talks to the bartender, about their money problem. The bartender knows that they are a group of pirates, but isn’t sure if a group of amateurs like them would be eligible on the secret spot. Since Nami insisted on giving the bartender, 200 Belli, he directed them to the back of the bar on where the secret spot is. Soon they find themselves in an underground pirate community where pirates of all kinds are partying, drinking, eating, and socializing. That’s when our heroes learn about the “Dead End Race” which is held every few years here in Anabaru. With the grand prize being 300,000,000 Belli, Nami finds that to be more than enough to end the Straw Hat Pirates money trouble. But little do they know is that the whole race is a conspiracy, that’s linked to an ex-marine commander pirate named Gasparde who has a 95,000,000 Belli bounty on his head. And not to mention Shuraiya, a bounty hunter with a grudge against Gasparde. And a kid named Anaguma, who is the helper of Biera(the boiler room operator for Gasparde’s ship) is trying to find a way to help Biera get better from his poor condition. All these events collide as the “Dead End Race” begins.—J LeGault

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One Piece: Dead End Adventure Movie Reviews

best one so far

This movie was perfect, it introduced a bad guy that was really cool as well as some interesting new characters. although I thought the bad guys power could have been better I don’t have any complaints. The battle at the end was really good too, whenever I see Luffy face off against a Logia type Devil Fruit user I always wonder how he will win, and I was honestly surprised with how he did it this time. The bad guy also reminded me of both Blackbeard and Kuma at the same time, he kind of had a similar design to Kuma’s (to me at least)

I highly suggest watching this movie, It’s perfect if your a One Piece fan like myself

One of the Best One Piece Movie

* Definitely the Best among the first 9 movies Great Storyline as usual .

Classic Comedy .

Main antagonist’s introduction and his fights were nice.

Side Characters are very well written.

The only thing bad is we didn’t get Zoro’s solo fight.


The One Piece Movie I’ve been waiting for.

At the harbor of Anabura, the Straw Hat Pirates were in need for more money after spending it on Luffy’s meals. Luckily Nami over hears the bar tender’s conversation with a customer on a secret spot, where money is involved. So they all went to see what the secret spot is after paying 2 Belli coins. And they all discover that the secret spot is a paradise for pirates everywhere. And a big race is being held called the Dead End Race. Where pirate ships race to the next island to win the money reward. That reward will end the Straw Hat Pirates’ need for money. But little do they know is the whole race is a fix by an ex-military commander named Gasparde.

The thing I like about this one is, it’s longer, and the story spends more time on the character development. Which is pretty good to include in a One Piece movie. That and this film actually does feel like a full length feature rather than an expanded TV episode or TV special.

The animation is well done. And I have to say I can’t get tired of the CG town beginning. The secondary characters are cool, specially the bounty hunter, Shuraiya. The story also balances out the amount of action and unexpected parts pretty well. Which makes this 4th installment very enjoyable to watch time after time.

Unlike the previous non-chronicle movie. This one takes place sometime after the Alabasta Arc. Since Robin is now part of the crew, this marks as her first movie appearance.

This is a must for all One Piece fans.