Brené Brown: The Call to Courage (2019)

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Brené Brown: The Call to Courage Movie Reviews

Daring Greatly Once Again!

It’s helpful if you watch Dr. Brown’s life changing Ted talks on YouTube prior to diving in to her wonderful Netflix special, but not necessary.

This special seems like the natural growth progression for Dr. Brown, a self proclaimed introvert, and plays out like a much needed conversation between friends.

It varies between candid and quite funny personal stories, continued observations on courage and vulnerability, and overcoming the challenges of overnight fame as a researcher and intellectual.

Dr. Brown is a soothing voice of calm and reason in a time where people’s fear of being hurt outweighs their desire to feel joy and happiness.

There is so much to be gained from the words of Brene Brown and time with a trusted friend is never time wasted.

Extremely engaging & thought provoking

I had never heard of Brene Brown before I stumbled across her netflix special, The Call to Courage. Within the first few minutes she had me hooked, her personal stories moved me to tears and laughter while making me see things in life from another perspective. It is definitely worth the watch and now I am off to seek out more of Brene Brown!

Lessons I want to keep learning… great watch for parents

I’m so glad that Netflix made this special! Brene is fun, motivational and real- all while giving you a kick in the pants about being courageous with your life. I would suggest it for ages 15 and up because she does touch on some deep topics and traumas. But it’s a great watch for any adult, any parent, and a great one to watch with your older teens. One that I will definitely be re-watching. You can check out our full family review with 8 lessons we took from the talk and 8 discussion questions for afterward on our blog- down the hobbit hole blog dot com.

Don’t let the bit of cussing and few negative, bitter, reviews keep you from engaging with this one!! Let it inspire and encourage you!