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In this riveting sequel to their first big-screen adventure, the crew comes upon Crown Island where the animals can talk and they makes Chopper their new king. But there are human hunters there also looking for the legendary horns that will give the person who consumes it immense power. Luffy and friends must stop them from destroying this animal kingdom.—Chris Walker

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A Lot Better Than The First One

In the second movie of One Piece the Straw Hat Pirates have their ship stolen and eventually end up on Clockwork Island (Yes That’s the best description I can give) and they battle with some pretty interesting/cool Bad Guys, although I can barely remember their name’s let alone their powers. I remember watching this a while ago and being impressed with how good it was, although it still isn’t perfect i still love it.

I highly suggest watching it if you are a fan of the show like myself, or even if you aren’t a fan, who knows maybe you’ll like the movie even if you don’t like the show

High Paced, Frantic, But Enjoyable

At under an hour, this film rapidly establishes the stakes in the films antagonists and objectives. It’s one of the few times in the series (film or otherwise) that the main crew come across as vulnerable to what are overall not so threatening opponents.

That being said, once the crew get past their vulnerabilities, the movie is virtually concluded. It’s debatable if the two movie newcomers are necessary to the film’s plot, but they do provide some emotional weight and story motivations. They may simply exist to help buffer the incredibly frantic pacing.

One Piece’s entertaining full length sequel!

In the second One Piece movie, our heroes are relaxing on a beach. Right until Luffy noticed that the “Going Merry” has been hijacked and departs from the coast line. Now they’re drifting at sea to search for their stolen ship. They met up with the Thief Brothers: Borodo & Akisu(no relation) who gave them information that their ship is in the hands of the Trump Sibling Pirates. Who have taken control on Clockwork Island. After encountering the Trump minions and Nami(who has Luffy’s hat) taken as a hostage. The straw Hat Pirates & the Thief Brothers must go to Clockwork Island to reclaim the Going Merry, Shank’s straw hat, Nami, and the Diamond Clock(which the Thief Brothers find to be the most well crafted clock of all).

I give credit that this sequel feels like a movie rather than a 2 parter episode. Because it didn’t had reused TV opening and closing. The animation and CG is very well done for this film. The cast of characters along with the main are interesting and well thought up. The story had a fast pace to it, so it didn’t had any dull moment to it. But since it’s One Piece it’s meant to be as entertaining as the TV series itself. Plus the montage ending features characters who appear later in the series.

Overall a worthy sequel that all One Piece Fan will admire. Again the fan sub for it is easy to find off the internet or bootlegs.