Pirates of Treasure Island (2006)

18% – Critics
18% – Audience

Pirates of Treasure Island Storyline

Starting as a prequel to the novel “Treasure Island”, we see the infamous pirate treasure buried by Billy Bones and Long John Silver. Afterwards, the movie falls into a loose (read poorly done) interpretation of the novel, complete with appearances by Anne Bonny and plenty of unconvincing pirates. While not the worst pirate movie ever made, it could have used some help–such as leaving out the female pirates and forgetting the giant wasp creature that makes repeat appearances. Watch but we warned: There be poor movie-making here!

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Pirates of Treasure Island Movie Reviews

A lesson in poor acting

Right from the first line you know that you are in for a bad experience.

The acting in this movie is truly awful and it beggars belief how the people responsible for this disaster could allow such bad delivery of lines.

There’s a surprise just before the opening credits that should give you an idea of whether or not you are going to enjoy this film. I won’t spoil it for you, except to say that I laughed out loud where I should have been shocked, thrilled or perhaps scared.

The overall movie felt home made and the kids left the room to play after 20 minutes of the most tedious ‘action’ Avoid this movie if at all possible – it’s dull, poorly acted and you don’t even want to KNOW about the ‘swashbuckling sword fights’!!

I don’t get why this has been rated so poorly.

I don’t get why this has been rated so poorly. It’s not bad, in fact I think it’s relatively good. Obviously it’s cheap, but cheap doesn’t necessarily equal bad. The story moves along at a nice pace. The subject matter of pirates is something always sensational and thrilling for all the family. It’s got adventure. It’s got period costumes. It’s got treasure maps, choppy waters, betrayal, swordplay and Lance Henriksen. One thing it isn’t, is dull.

Now knowing, less harsh reviews…

Now that I know that the production was meant to be “tongue-in-cheek” I can enjoy the movie for what it was. If anyone is claiming they didn’t laugh their asses off while watching this movie, then they have a major case of with taking themselves way too seriously. Having seen almost every version of Treasure Island Available, including Muppet Treasure Island, I can say that this doesn’t stand up to it, and yes, I too was howling in rage as some points; but that was only when I wasn’t howling in laughter. If you can take a joke, and see a movie for what it is— poking fun at a genre and being intentionally silly (and between you and me, sometimes it is harder than it looks to be deliberately BAD, especially as BAD as this movie appears at times) this movie was fun. Watch it with a crowd, with buckets of popcorn to throw at the screen, and every time someone says something remotely pirate like, shout, “Arrrrrrrrr matey!” at the top of your lungs, I’m sure you’ll have a modicum of fun. (No rum required, however it may make the evening FAR *FAR* more enjoyable.)