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A Day in the Life Movie Reviews

Fantastic movie

This is one of the best gangsta movies out there. Not only is the script fantastic, but everything is synchronized with excellent hip-hop music. A must see.

The only reason it got a bad grade is because it shows violence among black people. It’s not the usual mantra of “white people oppressing the black people” but more like “black people oppressing the black people”. Which is reality.

But if you make a movie about reality, your rating gets artificially degraded.

Still… watch the movie. I guarantee it will be one of the best movies you’ve ever seen (if you like gangsta movies).

Fast moving drama about life in the game

A Day in the Life covers the story of a gang of new yorkers pushing drugs and living fast. Life in the game in hard, and somethings about to go down. The whole movie is set to a hip-hop beat, with all the dialogue in the scenes being rapped along to the music.

I viewed it without knowing any of this information, or what to expect at all. I was not only surprised, but very impressed! The style of dialogue delivery serves only to heighten the tension throughout, with gun battles and all out war which builds steadily with rare respite.

There is an occasional hardware(weaponry) showcase as a testimony to just how much business the new yorkers mean, which was a bit pointless to be honest(although I did chuckle!).

There are some characters you will recognise, even more so if you have watched many gang related series on television(such as “The Wire”), it was nice to see some familiar faces.

As someone who dislikes the vast majority of hip-hop and a fair amount of rapping it’s easy to see how some may dislike this movie. Having said that,personally I would recommend it as something different, unpredictable and quite simply a very interesting piece of work!

Something special – but not for everyone

I enjoyed it, it was a truly unique movie. All the dialogs are rapped and they rhyme through the whole time. The story was quite mediocre. It was OK but nothing special. There were a lot of gangster-rapper clichés and the women were all naked till almost naked. The acting wasn’t the best, but some actors did it well, some didn’t. Hip-Hop beats were the soundtrack of this movie, I liked that. The cameraman wasn’t the most experienced but it was OK. The blood effects were quite cheap, there was a lot of shooting.

I liked it because I like Hip-Hop and I’m OK with all of those clichés. But if you are not somebody who enjoys this kind of culture you maybe shouldn’t watch this. You can try but don’t expect much, it’s just that this whole movie is a big kind of rap musical which Hip Hop fans of course enjoy because it’s the first of it’s kind – as far as I know. Besides watching it really takes some concentration to get through the slang and understand all of it – especially if your not a native English speaker.