Rest Stop (2006)

  • Year: 2006
  • Released: 17 Oct 2006
  • Country: USA
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Horror, Romance, Thriller
  • Runtime: 80 min
  • Writer: John Shiban
  • Director: John Shiban
  • Cast: Jaimie Alexander, Michael Childers, Jennifer Cormack, Gary Entin
  • Keywords: roadhouse, lorry, truck driver,

Rest Stop Storyline

Jess (Joey Mendicino) picks up his girlfriend, Nicole (Jaimie Alexander), to head out to California in his convertible. On the way, Nicole complains she needs to urinate, and she urges Jess to find a rest stop. After exiting the building, she finds her boyfriend gone. A deranged truck driver throws her the red cell phone from the convertible, convincing her he has Jess. Nicole goes to look for help, notices an RV, bangs on the door, and asks for help. She has a short eerie ride with the passengers, a man (Michael Childers) his wife (Diane Salinger) and their freaky-looking twin sons (Gary and Edmund Entin) until she is eventually thrown out for looking at the deformed individual hidden in the back of the vehicle.She then returns to the restroom, where she hears a girl coughing up blood, named Tracy, (Deanna Russo) with cuts all over whimpering in the maintenance room. She cautions Nicole about the deranged killer who tortured her. The girl then bleeds profusely, and as Nicole’s attention is diverted, she disappears, blood and all. Nicole finds Tracy’s missing person poster and discovers the girl has been missing since 1971.The man in the yellow truck eludes Nicole until a motorcycle cop arrives. The cop soon falls victim to the driver of the yellow truck by being run over, his legs broken. Nicole drags the officer to the restroom to seek refuge. Eventually, truck driver returns and locks Nicole and the officer in the restroom.Night comes. When Nicole attempts to open the lock to escape, the driver reappears and bites off Nicole’s finger. The officer realizes that Nicole is going into shock and commands Nicole to shoot the driver when he returns. She fires four shots out of the officer’s revolver into the door but cannot see if she hit the driver. The driver then drops a camera into the restroom via the open window. The video features Jess being tortured with a knife, eventually showing his tongue getting cut out.The killer feeds a hose through the window and starts pouring gasoline into the room. Nicole tries to find an escape and is able to open a hatch in the ceiling. Realizing there is no way for her to get him out of the building, the officer tells Nicole to use the two remaining bullets to kill him rather than being burned alive, and she does. The driver lights the gasoline, and Nicole hurries to get out of the building. As Nicole escapes, she notices that the officer’s body has mysteriously disappeared. Nicole jumps from the roof before the building explodes.Once she is on the ground, Nicole encounters the man in the yellow truck once again. He exits the truck, and she repeatedly strikes him with a tire iron. She turns him over and is shocked to discover it is Jess, with his mouth sewn shut. Nicole sneaks to the convertible, where she fills a whiskey bottle that she had retrieved from a nearby Park Ranger’s station and fills it with gasoline to concoct a makeshift Molotov cocktail to use against her attacker, should he return.Morning approaches, and she walks down the highway with the truck driver approaching her at a rapid speed. After some fumbling, she is able to strike a match and light her Molotov. She hurls the bottle at the truck, and almost instantly, it is consumed by flames, followed by a large explosion. She investigates the truck but finds nobody. After a few moments, she turns around, and the man in the truck is behind her.The film ends with a different girl (Jennifer Cormack) going to the same rest stop after being renovated due to the fire. She discovers Nicole in the maintenance room and runs out to the Park Ranger (who has returned to his post) to inform him of her discovery. After unlocking it, he goes into the room, and no one seems to be present. After he leaves, Nicole is shown behind some janitorial equipment calling out for help and vomiting blood…. trapped in some type of alternate reality limbo state.The next scene is from the view of a video camera. It shows the father from the RV burying Jess’ body. The man, realizing he is being taped, goes into the RV and tells his deformed son, “This is our little secret.” The yellow truck then drives down a deserted road.

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Rest Stop Movie Reviews

Not a good movie, but misunderstood by many here…

This is certainly not a classic film, but many reviews here show that people completely failed to understand what was happening with the plot.

Spoilers ahead:

Rest Stop is really a ghost story, not a slasher movie. The rest stop is haunted and everyone that Nicole meets there is a ghost. The strange family in the RV, the girl locked in the closet, the policeman and even the serial killer in the truck are all supernatural. This is why the policeman and girl in the closet simply vanish. The killer’s truck can’t be damaged and we even see it in perfect condition right after it just completely burned. It’s a ghost story! You can’t evaluate the plot in terms of hard logic. In one of the final scenes we see that Nicole has been killed by the serial killer’s ghost and her spirit is now trapped at the rest stop as well. The whole thing is pretty clearly spelled out.

I’m not defending this as a good movie. It’s very tedious in a lot of areas and it never really comes together. However, most of the people who thought it was the “worst movie ever” didn’t even take the time to figure out what was happening. I guess if a movie isn’t completely obvious, some people get confused.

Note for the reviewers: Severe Ghost Alert Ahead

This movie surely does not deserve 8, but I give it an 8, because it does not deserve the 1 that most people gave it either.

The movie lacks basic logic at many points, the acting is not that good, and the whole setting is pretty unreal. However, most people seem to fail to get the happenings in the movie completely. Perhaps the reviewers should read the review by Sixforthehoney to understand what is happening. I quote below the major points he mentioned, with added notes.

1) The religious family killed “The Driver”.

2) “The Driver” came back as a ghost and killed the religious family. Note: He does not die even when his truck burns into flames, but rather comes and attacks the girl. (Later, the struck was shown to be fully intact.)

3) “The Driver” then killed people who came to the rest stop.

4) Some of those people (including the girl in the closet) came back as ghosts. Note: The girl disappears along with the blood she vomited, within seconds after talking to the protagonist.

5) The religious family still exists as ghosts to preach their judgment of sinners. Note: they drive the van with the girl in it for a long time, and yet finally the girl is dropped just in front of the notice board, a point where she had started her journey. It’s they who take pictures of the future victims.

6) When Nicole is killed, she came back as a ghost at the end. Note: That is the reason the ranger does not see her, but the future victim hears her voice and sees her.

**Note:** The policeman is also ghost. There’s no human being on earth (including Arnold and Chuck Norris), who would be able to say, “You missed me” after about 40% of his skull and brains are blown out by a point blank shot. That is the same reason the girl does not see his remains when she climbs the roof.

What happened to the plot? They flushed it down the potty!

Young couple on the road, minding their own business and having casual sex in their car during broad daylight. Yet, suddenly, they’re being menaced and terrorized by a deranged psychopath in an old and rusty pick-up truck. Hmm, where have I seen this premise before? Oh yeah, now I remember, we’ve seen this a THOUSAND times before already, and approximately nine hundred and ninety-nine of the other cases were much better than “Rest Stop”! This weak and pitiable new movie is insulting even to the intellect of the most undemanding horror fans, as it doesn’t feature a single original twist or memorable gimmick. It’s very sadistic and nasty, but every teenkill-slasher flick is sadistic and nasty nowadays, so that’s no real surprise anymore, neither. The absolute main problem with this production is the incredibly large amount of dumb plot holes and meaningless sub plots. Writer/director John Shiban damn well realized that the ultra-thin basic storyline nearly wasn’t enough to fill a whole movie with, and thus he stuffs up his film like a Thanksgiving turkey with imbecile and nonsensical padding material. Nicole’s boyfriend vanishes at an abandoned and filthy rest stop in California. Killing off her character right away wouldn’t result in a very long movie and thus she subsequently encounters a motor home family of freaks, suffers from visions (?) in which she talks to the deranged killer’s previous victims and she has deeply emotional (and boring) conversations with a police officer who just won’t die even though a truck ran over him…twice! The dumb sub plots never lead anywhere and they’re definitely the most pathetic and desperate attempts to stretch a movie’s length I’ve ever seen. Instead of all the pointless padding, Shiban should have paid more attention to building up tension and make his lead characters a little more likable. Jaimie Alexander’s character Nicole is an annoying and brainless girl, and you won’t really care whether she’ll survive the ordeal or not. Her boyfriend Jesse as well as the cop are both whining losers and their brutal deaths still weren’t painful enough, if you ask me. I counted exactly three sequences, all including torture and gratuitous mutilation, that were gory and exciting enough to bring a sadist smile on my face. That’s still way too few for a nowadays horror movie. Basically, “Rest Stop” is simply a miserable attempt to cash in on the success of such films like “Wolf Creek” and “Hostel”, but you’re better off watching the originals. This was the first film of the new production company called ‘Raw Feed’. They’re promoting themselves as the new name in great horror, but they’ll have to come up with something much better than “Rest Stop” if they want us to believe that.