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“Miracles are pish-posh!”

Most theatrical films today don’t enter the realm of traditional values or refrain entirely from using words that make you feel uncomfortable with young children watching. Nor is there ever a product placement for Coca Cola very far away to remind us of crass commercialism. I picked this film up at my local library given it’s Christmas themed title, and I don’t know if I would ever have become aware of it otherwise. In many respects it’s a melancholy tale dealing with heartache and loss, but counterbalanced by scenes of the young Tommy (Luke-Ward Wilkinson) making new friends in a new town and getting involved in the kind of mischief a youngster often finds himself in. The nativity set that serves as the dynamic for bringing the McDowell’s together with Jonathan Toomey (Tom Berenger) also inspires the hermit woodcarver to re-evaluate his own life given the personal loss that’s only alluded to briefly at the very beginning and end of the story. The attentive viewer will come away reminded that there are such things as happy sheep, proud cows and important angels that can help us connect with fellow travelers on this mortal coil. Set aside an evening for a family viewing of this heartening tale to recapture that Christmas spirit one more time.

Holiday film for everyone

This under-advertised DVD movie is a gem. It is suitable for all ages, and will be most appreciated by children and mature watchers. The players are all just excellent and I especially liked the work of the director. This is a heartwarming and uplifting tale, something we all need these days! Set at Christmas-time, the story shows how kindness and a strong,loving spirit can break barriers of loss and loneliness. The young actor playing the role of the son is outstanding and Mr. Berenger’s genuine portrayal of the lonely recluse is moving and heart-felt. I believe this rather short film could become a Christmas staple and hope others who watch it will agree.

Lovely film, for the season or anytime, with good values

Susan (Joely Richardson) and her young son, Thomas (Luke Ward-Wilkinson) have just moved to a country town in post World War I England. Sadly, the lady’s husband has died in the war and his business went under, too. So, its a change of fortune and Thomas is bitterly disappointed with his new abode in an aunt’s home. His biggest difficulty is that he had to leave his treasured nativity set behind, the one that he and his papa put out every Christmas, just the two of them. However, time can heal hearts and the young lad finds some new, caring friends. Also, Susan learns to cook better and adapt to her present life as well. One day, on a dare, Thomas bangs on the door of a reclusive woodcarver, Toomey (Tom Berenger), and disturbs him. When his mother finds out, she hurries the lad over to apologize. Once there, she is curiously interested in the gruff man and it is the same for him, eyeing her. So, Susan arranges for Mr. Toomey to carve a new nativity for Thomas and to let Thomas learn and watch the art of woodcarving. Can something magical happen in the lives of three little people? This is quite a beautiful film, in story, in acting, and in character. The old-fashioned virtues that we all aspire to, patience and hard work, are front and center in this wonderful film. But, there is still room for laughs and love in the tale, too. Richardson and Berenger make a very unusually nice couple and all of the other actors do fine work. Also, the glimpse into a forgotten world is extremely nice, too, for its great fun to see the old costumes and customs. If you are looking for an exceptional Christmas film to show to everyone on the block and inside the house, there are few better than this one. But, why wait until December? This makes for good viewing, no matter if its spring, summer vacation, or apple picking time.