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The journalist Sydney St. James is writing an article for the magazine where she works about the on-line dating agency Artemis that is specialized in women. She schedules an interview with the owner of Artemis, Anna, and she visits the mysterious woman with her photographer Sam, who is fascinated by a site called Vampire Web. Sidney feels a great attraction for Anna, who is actually an ancient vampire called Anastasia. Meanwhile the vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing is advised by his assistant Tone about the correlation between Artemis and the Vampire Web, and Van Helsing explains that in every turn of millennium, the vampire sect needs to regenerate, using a woman for this purpose. Van Helsing calls his partner Karpov and together they go to Artemis to fight against Anastasia and her sect.

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The Last Sect Movie Reviews

Terrible, nothing else needs to be said.

The Last Sect starts as journalist Sydney St. James (Natalie Brown) & her photographer Sam Francis (Sebastien Roberts) visit the headquarters of an on-line dating agency called Artemis, they meet the mysterious female owner named Anna (Deborah Odell) who is in fact an ancient Vampire who uses the website to lure victims to her & her female Vampire sect. Meanwhile Vampire hunter Dr. Abraham Van Helsing (David Carradine) has learned of the existence & activities of Artemis, he realises that Anna & her Vampire sect need to regenerate & in order to do so they need a willing female host body to store their soul’s in & it seems Sydney is their choice. Can Van Helsing destroy the last sect of Vampires on Earth & save Sydney?

This Canadian production was directed by Jonathan Dueck & is truly one of the worst films I have seen this year so far & believe me when I say it’s up against some pretty dire competition, The Last Sect is quite simply a film in which I see no redeeming qualities at all apart from the fact that the female lead Natalie Brown is very attractive. The script by David Robbeson is really bad, on paper the idea about female Vampires luring victims to themselves through an on-line dating agency is a little daft but had potential for lots of blood, boobs & action. Unfortunately the script takes itself 110% seriously & ends up being one of the most boring & anaemic Vampire films of recent times, it feels more like a tedious drama than a horror flick about Vampires. If The Last Sect was any slower it would be going backwards! I am not even sure why the makers decided to use traditional Hollywood Vampire film lore like having a Abraham Van Helsing & calling it’s monsters Vampires when there isn’t any proper Vampire action in it, sure these things have fangs but otherwise there’s little to indicate they are Vampires. Most of the film is made up of annoyingly slow dreams & hallucinations as Anna & her Vampires try to convince Sydney to be their host body which has nothing to do with Vampirism at all. There’s a really awful ending as well, with Van Helsing & his assistant sitting in their home there’s a knock on the door & then that’s it it finishes! A knock on the door? Wow, now that’s a dramatic & scary ending, right?

Besides hating the slow moving story I also hated the way The Last Sect was filmed, director Dueck films everything with all the colours muted & at times it looks like it’s black and white. I hate it, why do director’s feel the need to bleach all the colour out of a picture? It’s annoying, as a concession to style the only colour that stands out is red & since that this is a film about blood drinking Vampires & blood is obviously red I don’t think that’s a coincidence. There’s a very fake looking decapitated head, a slit throat that doesn’t bleed & that’s it for gore. There’s no horror here either, there’s no suspense, no tension, no atmosphere & the story is just so boring.

According to the IMDb The Last Sect had a budget of about $3,000,000 which amazes me, nothing & I mean nothing happens & I just can’t see where all the money went. There are no special effects to speak of, no big stars, no action set-pieces & a very small cast & set of locations so where did all that money go? Personally I think it had a much lower budget than that. Apparently filmed in Hamilton in Ontario in Canada during December 2005. The acting is adequate, as already mentioned Natalie Brown helps since she’s nice & easy on the eyes. David Carradine phones in his performance.

The Last Sect is a truly dire Vampire film that barely feels like a horror film let alone one about Vampires, easily one of the worst films I have seen this year & believe me I have seen some serious turkey’s.

It coulda been a contender!

It’s not the worst vampire flick, but it could have been so much better.

First, it was slow. I mean really slow. All that yakking in Van Helsing’s (David Carradine) house just really didn’t add much. They could have cut half of it to add more vampette action.

They had some gorgeous vampettes and two really hot leads – Natalie Brown (Dawn of the Dead) and Deborah Odell. The dream sequences were hot, but they could have been really hot and given us a reason to love this movie.

And, please, Julian Richings (X-Men: The Last Stand , Saw IV, The Red Violin) was so obnoxious that you cheered for the vampires. Nobody kills vampires without breaking a sweat. Make it real folks.

Anybody for a remake?

Lesbian vampire flick without nudity? What the hell!

Sydney gets intrigued by a new online dating service and since she hasn’t dated anyone for several years,she decides to sign up.Unbeknownst for her the dating service is run by a pack of female lesbian vampires.”The Last Sect” bored me senseless.It is simply mind-numbingly dull.The plot is incredibly tedious and worst of all there is absolutely no nudity.As a fan of early 70’s lesbian vampire flicks like “Vampyres”,”Twins of Evil” or “Vampyros Lesbos” I found the lack of nudity incredibly disappointing.Admittedly the film is well-made and the women are quite gorgeous to look at,however “The Last Sect” offers zero scares or gore and is simply worthless.Avoid it.3 out of 10.