Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa (2005)

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Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa Storyline

Edward Elric, the Fullmetal Alchemist, is on the other side of the gate. He has befriended someone who resembles his brother, Al, and has met a gypsy resembling Rose. He finds out that the Germans are planning on opening the gate, and attack the other side, which is Ed and Al’s home. Although Al has learned a lot, he cannot stop all of them, and Ed cannot use Alchemy while in the other side. Ed tries to stop them, and Al just tries to be able to talk to his brother again, who everyone else thinks is gone.—Fluffy Love Muffin

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Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa Movie Reviews

A great way to finish a excellent series

First off, after watching all 51 episodes of Full Metal Alchemist, i was excited at the prospect of a Movie to conclude the series. All the cast are back, and slightly older than they were in the series.

Since the dramatic turn of events, we are brought up to speed with whats been going on in the time we were gone. All the favourite characters are back, and this movie takes a interesting spin on its location. The plot is a fast paced, actioned packed affair with even better fight sequences than the series.

So if you liked the series then this is the desert you deserve. It rounds things up nicely, and does it with style to boot.

Pretty decent

Now I won’t spoil anything for anyone, only that “FMA – Conqueror of Shambala” is worth looking into. Thankfully the characters are pretty much the same. Anyway, it starts off with Ed and Al visiting this one scientist who has discovered Uranium (kinda sub-plot) and he ends up on the other side of the gate. The rest of the story picks up were the series left off; and takes place both our world and Ed’s world. The overall plot was fairly good and and the director and writers did good job paying respect for the characters and the series. And the animation out does the actual show, there were some instances were they used CG (and looked bad) but that doesn’t ruin the viewing qualities at all. I liked it, but don’t take my word for it. Try it for yourself and be your own judge. I like said, it’s worth taking a peek.^_^

See what became of the Elric Brothers.

This movie continues right where we left off from the final episode of FullMetal Alchemist. 2 years afterwards to be correct.

It’s 1923 in Germany. Edward has made friends the Alphonse of the Real World, who is 19, tall, and a rocket builder. They’re heading to a carnival and met up with some Gypsies. One of the gypsies is named Noah who can sense that Edward isn’t from this world.

While the other Alphonse has accomplished more of his alchemy training. And is wearing the same outfit as his brother.

Little does Edward know is that the secret society that his dad’s been involved with for sometime is planning an invasion in the Alchemy World.

You’re unable to use alchemy in the real world so they wait for someone from the Alchemy to perform a transmutation circle that’ll be a gateway between each worlds.

And when that happens it’ll be a battle to the finish. The fate of both worlds are in the hands of the Elric Bros.

This movie features a lot of familiar characters from the series, including alter egos in the real world. Those who like the TV series might like this movie. It has action, suspense, and it ties up all the loose ends that were left off in the last episode.

I really liked this movie. Most people dislike it, due to the idea of the story or for containing several CG elements on hard to do animation sequences. It has the same animation and it was done by the same people who did the TV series. I think it’s worth checking out for the die hard FMA fans. Those who aren’t familiar with the TV series won’t like it when you’re not sure what is going on.

Plus the English dub does do the movie justice, thanks to Funimation people, who succeeded in bringing the TV show to the US.