Captive Hearts (2005)

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A newly hired executive for a multinational corporation, Larry Sorenson is kidnapped at gunpoint. The hostage takers send video demands directly to Larry’s wife, Elizabeth demanding the multinational halt all financial dealings with Europe. If their demands are not met in 12 hours, Larry will be executed and other executives and stockholders will follow. This sends the company’s stock into a free-fall. Seattle PD Detective, Jimmy Kelsoe has his suspicions. It’s all too neat. Working closely with FBI Agent Jade Marlo the two soon discover that the whole kidnapping is an elaborate plot to manipulate stock prices for a mafia takeover. As the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, Detective Kelsoe and Elizabeth join forces. But Elizabeth soon realizes she has far more in common with Detective Kelsoe than with her missing husband Larry. Kelsoe too, realizes his feelings toward Elizabeth have grown beyond professional. With time running out, both Kelsoe and Elizabeth must struggle to put their feelings for each other aside in order to save Larry’s life.—Lindsay James

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Captive Hearts Movie Reviews

“C’mon & (Don’t) Take Me!”

Having just tripped over the main event, so to speak, of this production reairing on Court TV 2, I had to weigh on its … weightlessness from a mere few minutes! Whatever went on before I sought escape from some typical crappy insurance ads, I “don’t know & care less” after this small, exposure, but if it’s emblematic of what follows, then its unenthusiastic ratings here are truly deserved. So this fragment started with an exterior shot of a seriously tiresome – with color scheme to match – suburban McHouse that cut to some woman unwrapping stuff on a sofa, thence to a Japanese restaurant where an M/F couple were being ushered into a dining space. The onscreen program guide – sans date or actors, leading to a no-fun search here through a well-worn title – detailed a kidnapped husband, so I deduced they were the ones about to have some tempura, Rudely Interrupted as the next shot of a Ford van pulling up outside (complete with fake braking skirrtt! sound both improbable at slow speeds & a Hollywood staple SFX) carrying 2 masked bandits. In they went, stealthily stalking the peaceful place while the M mentioned to the F about his wife – oh so that ain’t her – & somehow, as these Bad Men threw aside various door panels & aimed their weapons at diners who, if real could hardly have been accustomed to such greetings, responded uniformly with only a small slight scream from the female patrons. Huh? Nobody, since the gunmen moved it along quickly after not finding their target, either got on their phones (a Hot Little Number called 911) or seized a golden opportunity to skip out on the check by having to, reasonably, flee in terror (then make that hot call). Instead, after (of course) the last room is crashed in & the target dragged out, his dining partner is STILL the only person to emerge, & immediately gets picked off. Then the Charming Hostess, who had hitherto ducked into some screened doorway (“Oh goody!” she’s able to make that elusive Hot Call) emerges holding who knows what – not a samurai sword, that’s for sure – as the captors are booking it with their Prize Catch de la Day, & she gets taken down. (Did she make that call or what?) Great. The only 2 casualties both are women. And, despite the captive’s partner managing louder screams both at that crashing invasion & when she gets it, this whole process including the shootings lacks the slightest bit of tensioned buildup to its underwhelming climactic end. Wannabe, that is. With both bullets depicted as leaving the gun with only a polite silencer hiss – so much for the short whistling “cheown!” of decades’ standing – & not a trace either of exiting smoke or an entering wound, the audience are left just watching mildly (more than a few laughing, I Doubt Not) feeling no fright or concern. I definitely wasn’t. After this latest B-minus lightweight, this Court TV 2 – since none appear on the reconstituted original – is in no-joke need of upgraded “crime” movie selections that won’t yield rolling eyes, yawns & ROFL moments. Still these days we can all use more laughs, & this is just 1 sample of them delivering such weekly goods.

A Tense Standoff!!!

“Captive Hearts” is a taut drama in which a young executive is kidnapped in a shocking shootout at the Okinawa Restaurant. It is the first day on the job in Seattle for Larry Sorensen, who is welcomed to the Mag Gen corporation. It is clear that someone on the inside knew he would be at the Okinawa when masked marauders stormed in, shot up the place, killed a waitress, and took Larry hostage.

Larry’s wife Liz will be the key figure to assist FBI agent Munro and lead detective Kelsoe in peeling away the layers during the standoff. It turns out that Larry and Liz turned state’s evidence against nefarious creatures in the Chicago mafia. The godfather O’Rourke was killed and his son imprisoned. It was at that point that Larry and Liz Cora changed their names to Sorensen and attempted to start a new life in Seattle.

The character holding all the cards and pulling all the strings is Max Gen employee Tasha Simmons, a.k.a., Kathleen O’Roarke Burke. It appears that it may be sweet revenge for Miss O’Roarke, who plans to kill both Larry and Liz and fleece Max Gen of millions when the stocks plummet.

My favorite character in the film was Yuri, the wily Russian surveillance guru, who helps the investigators locate the kidnappers. The filmmakers incorporated a bit of romance in the bonding of Liz and Detective Kelsoe. But the reunion of Liz with her Larry is a hard-fought triumph for the happy couple. The Irish mafia have been thwarted in a tense standoff after the tragedy at the Okinawa Restuarant.

And it was just his first day on the job!

***SPOILERS*** Just starting his job as a big time executive at Seattle’s multi billion MaxGen Corp. Larry Sorenson while getting himself acquainted with fellow worker Tasha Simmions, who recommended him for the job, at the local Okinowa Japanese restaurant is kidnapped by the two tugs Cyle & Clint after gunning down the owner Hinoko who tried to stop them. Held hostage in a deserted wear-house and threatened to be killed until they get feather notice or instructions by their boss in what their next step will be. It turns out that Maxgen Corp. is involved in shady operations overseas that’s polluting the environment in Europe and the kidnappers want that company’s CEO Darren Maxwell to close them down or his new hot shot executive Larry will end up being toast!

With Seattle PD detective Jimmy Kelso and his partner FBI Special Agent Jade Marlo put on the case they interview Larry’s concerned wife Liz about what would have put her husband in the danger that he’s now facing. That as it turns out really has nothing at all to do with Maxgen Corp. but his past activities in not Boston, where the couple claim that they come from, but in the windy city of Chicago! It soon turns out that both Larry and Liz are in the witness protection program in that Larry ratted out his former boss back in Chicago head of the Irish Mifia Owen O’Rourk,CEO of the construction company Duplex,in order to save his own neck from being stretched!

****SOILERS**** This kidnapping leads to an elaborate plan by non other then Tasha Simmions who was shot but slightly wounded , to make it look good, by the kidnappers who’s really, are you ready for this, the late Owen O’Rourk’s, who died of a massive heart attack while facing trial, daughter! Not just threatening to murder Larry Tasha and her two hoods accomplices want by their actions to force the stock of Maxgen Corp. to drop to near zero and then buy it up for pennies on the dollar! Which is like having their cake and eating it at the same time! Making a mint in the stock market and at the same time getting even with Larry for ratting her dad Owen O’Rourk out to the SEC & FBI! With Larry’s life hanging in the balance and the stock of Maxgen Corp. taking a nosedive both Kelso & Marlo do their best to track down the two kidnappers and their boss Tasha before they do him in. It’s Larry’s plucky wife Liz who puts an end to Tasha and her gangs plans by taking them, or really Tasha, on while Kelso & Marlo are still bickering in what to do in a wild shoot out as well as a no holds bar nail scratching cat fight, with Tasha, at the conclusion of the movie!