South of Pico (2007)

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“South of Pico” is an emotionally charged drama in which four strangers witness an unimaginable tragedy and are catapulted into the defining moment of their lives. Set present day in Los Angeles, a chauffeur, a waitress, a doctor and a young boy each deal with life’s daily challenges, only to find themselves at the scene of an accident the moment it happens. Riding on emotional overload, the balance of life rests in their hands. The film explores raw emotion and the human condition with brutal honesty. Filled with moments of joy, anticipation, regret and sorrow, South of Pico will take you on a journey to the core of your own soul.—Anonymous

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South of Pico Movie Reviews

Don’t Miss this movie!

I have to be honest I only heard about this movie because LiL’J is in it. And even though I never really heard of this movie I went out and brought the DVD.I was told this was a good movie and I wanted to see for myself. But it REALLY was. People will say it’s just like CRASH OK maybe it is but it really is a good movie. It’s funny how everything and everyone in the movie connected at the end. You will see a lot of familiar faces in here, I found myself saying “wait isn’t that” or “I saw him in such and such” I found myself laughing while watching J, not because he’s a bad actor he has MAJOR skills. But it was a different side of him, which is what acting is all about. He wasn’t the cute guy from the “Disney Channel” and people will see the versatility in his acting.

I’m not going to tell what happened all I can say is.. GET YOUR COPY OF SOUT OF PICO!!!! You won’t regret it!

Great Film

It is an underrated film.

They should have given it more credit, but, it’s a classic and we all love watching it.

Amazing cast.

New talent that is about to make it big as Angel Princess, pay attention to this girl, future award winner.

Pretty lame copy of ‘Crash’

I saw ‘Crash’ when I couldn’t find anything else to rent, and found that it was better than I expected.

So I gave this one a chance, and found it to be a pretty cheap imitation – it really revealed what a break the ‘Joan’ role in ‘Mad Men’ was for the actress, if she was doing stuff like this the first year of that TV series.

Basically, you suffer through pointless alternating vignettes of warmed over Hollywood clichés, that build nothing toward the plot until you arrive at the 5 minute so so ending the whole movie was setting up for. There’s really nothing more worth saying about this one.