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Tom plans to surprise Sara with an engagement ring, and he’s asked his four best friends to witness the popping of the question at his place on Valentine’s night. Trouble is Sara’s left him a “Dear John” letter and will be by soon for her suitcases; plus, thinking it’s a party, Tom’s friend Sal has invited five women who were at his bar to come too. First the men talk – about women, sex, love, and homophobia (Tom’s pals include a happily married guy, a gay man newly engaged, a metrosexual, and Sal, an inveterate player). Then the women arrive and argue in the loo about men and sex before joining the boys for talk, alcohol, and hookups. But what of Sara, and what of love?—

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What Love Is Movie Reviews

Not a Rom-Com

This is theatre. And it lives up pretty well to the title. The writer-director gathers a broad range of 10 typical gender stereotypes and then uses them to voice different views on love and relationships, with no holding back on opinions. And during the process one learns how love underpins so much in life. for example, the guys have been friends since high school, so they have both the freedom to say what they really think and the respect not to let it spoil their friendship. And the simple revelation at the end sums it all up – though I think the Cuba Gooding character went overboard in his interpretation of it. When his girl, clearly reluctant to terminate the relationship and hoping there was still a foundation there, said “let’s sit down and talk about it”, the answer should’ve been “yes, let’s do that” not “no – you go away and think about what you really want”. That doesn’t negate the idea that giving your loved one freedom, if the love is strong enough they will come back to you. But any relationship is built on the combination of the two parties, not the decisions of one of them. The story is hung on that relationship, which highlights the sadness of life’s crossed wires. They’ve been in the relationship for 3 years and she seems to have reached the point where his reluctance to make the final commitment suggests they don’t have a future together. Little does she know that: 1) he has always been committed exclusively to her, despite steering away from formal marriage; and 2) he has decided he wants to take that final step, has bought the ring, and invited his friends round to share the moment of his Valentine’s Day proposal – although his misogynistic friend thought it was just a party, so he invited the pretty girls to join them. Their ‘arrival’ scene was out of place, however, and should’ve been cut, as it basically only represented his view of women and detracted from the balanced dialogue of the rest of the film. I am sorry this film did so badly at the box office, as it offers so much more than the usual movie fare. I think it would make a worthy project to take to the theatre, which is ideally suited to this format.

So funny, So real

This is the movie to see if you want an idea of what love is from a guy’s perspective!!! It was so funny, I highly recommend it to everyone. Awesome cast!!! Everyone was so cute. What love is, what love is, WHAT LOVE IS!!! YEAH!!! It’s nice to see Cuba in this adorable role. My brother totally agrees with me that this is how guys think. It’s so cute though to see that guys stress about this stuff too. The dialog was very well written. It’s almost like the writer recorded the real conversations. I guess that’s what love is. I’d love to see it again. The music was really good, too. I’m buying the soundtrack as soon as it comes out.

Stageplay-style comedy

I don’t believe that What Love Is was a play before it was shot as a movie, yet I found it reminiscent of some stage play-turned-films I’ve seen. The main reasons are that it takes place primarily in one room, the dialog is very fast-paced, and emotions are high from the first moment and rarely drops.

In this sense, it’s not terribly original. What’s more is that the small plot line is pretty predictable. However, where this movie shines is in it’s advice and the characters’ heartfelt monologues. Perhaps it my male bias, but the men’s part far outshone and impressed me than the women’s scene. Each of the characters reminded me of one of my friends and although it’s unlikely these friends would say the things they did, it’s something that they would actually believe. For example, Matthew Lilliard’s homophobic rant is probably not something he’d say aloud, but you know he would think it. And the other characters react pretty well, continuing the dialog until they each have their turn to chime in with their thoughts on love, sex and women.

The second and third acts aren’t as good as the first, but there were a few gems that really got me, especially the gay man’s sex advice (it’s 99.9% correct) and Judy Tylor’s (the dumb girl) thoughts on what love really is.

So the characters were interesting, the dialog was funny, but mostly it was the gems of wisdom of the characters that really made me think, made me laugh and made me cheer.