Try to Remember (2004)

18% – Critics
false% – Audience

Try to Remember Storyline

After 12 years of being away, Lisa Monroe returns to her usually quiet hometown of Milford to work as a police detective. She was recruited by her childhood friend, now Lieutenant Joe O’Conner. The first case on which she works as lead investigator is the death of Louise Dexter, her grandmother. Although the autopsy points to the death being accidental, Lisa finds evidence that implicates Jake Mitchell as the murderer. Jake Mitchell raped and killed Lisa’s best friend Jenny Rand 15 years earlier. Jake has been paroled and has returned to Milford to live. At his trial, he vowed revenge on the four people who testified against him, namely Louise, Sergeant Stuart Kling (Lisa’s colleague who does not respect her investigative abilities), a security guard named Vinnie DiCampo, and Lisa herself. To some extent, all four feel guilty, but especially Lisa, about not preventing Jenny’s death, each who had an opportunity that day to intervene in the interaction between Jake and Jenny. Lisa’s current mission is to find and stop Jake before he kills them. But she tries to be objective in the face of what so far is only circumstantial evidence against Mitchell, being objective which is something difficult for her to do.—Huggo

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Try to Remember Movie Reviews

A Mild Thriller.

“Try To Remember” is a mild thriller. The plot is about Lisa (Gabrielle Anwar) who is a detective. She is investigating a crime that happened 15 years ago. It’s reopened because the witnesses are starting to die under suspicious circumstances. There aren’t many clues, but can she figure it out before there’s more victims?.

The main problem with this film is that there’s too much exposition and buildup. You have to wait for an hour to see anything happen. The acting is fine, but the mystery itself is a little predictable. The writing could’ve been stronger. The movie takes the easy way out.

Overall, it’s an okay mystery film if you don’t have high expectations.

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Pretty ordinary and predictable

I like Mary Higgins Clark’s books on the whole, but they often don’t translate well to movies. Sadly, this is one of those times.

The characters are blaaaaaaand. Garbielle Anwar’s character is the one of the most pathetic portrayals of a female detective I’ve come across. The love interest is fine… but dull. The contrary, grumpy sergeant… who also happens to contradict himself every second sentence and apparently doesn’t recognise a crime scene and proper police procedure??? sigh. Really? A little less formula and a little more spice would have been nice for the characters, I think.

Overall it’s just a rather boring take on a potentially interesting story.

Solid thriller with haunting soundtrack…

Seen this a few times and think it’s very engaging and well-made with a plot that throws up a significant surprise.

Not sure why it’s received median scores, but you’ll see lots of dreck inferior to this TV flick that are often rated as average.

If you haven’t seen it before – certainly worth a look and if you have a musical ear that melody stays in mind for a long time afterwards.