Wuthering Heights (2003)

  • Year: 2003
  • Released: 14 Sep 2003
  • Country: United States
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  • IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367245/
  • Rotten Tomatoes: https://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/wuthering_heights
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: English
  • MPA Rating: PG-13
  • Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Writer: Emily Brontë, Max Enscoe, Annie DeYoung
  • Director: Suri Krishnamma
  • Cast: Erika Christensen, Mike Vogel, Christopher Masterson
  • Keywords:
31% – Critics
66% – Audience

Wuthering Heights Storyline

In this loose modern adaptation of the classic novel, Cate and her adopted brother Heath grow up together and fall in love once they hit their teens. Her desire to leave the simple life conflicts with his wishes for them to stay at the Heights (their lighthouse home) together. It gets worse when her father dies, leaving everything to Cate’s awful older brother Hendrix, who hates Heath. Cate ends up marrying the wealthy Edward, while the bitter Heath becomes a rock star and exacts revenge upon those who mistreated him. Once he and Cate start an affair, tragedy follows.—cupcakes

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Wuthering Heights Movie Reviews

Modern beachy take on the material leaves a mess

MTV does the Emily Brontë novel in a beachy rocking take on the material. One day, Cate and Hendrix’s father (John Doe) brings home their new adopted brother Heath. Cate (Erika Christensen) and Heath (Mike Vogel) would fall in love. Hendrix (Johnny Whitworth) is an angry young man who hates Heath. When their father dies, Hendrix takes over and drive Heath away. Cate has a car accident and is rescued by wealthy neighbor Edward (Christopher Masterson). Edward’s conniving sister Isabel (Katherine Heigl) schemes to break apart Cate and Heath keeping Heath to herself. Cate would marry Edward. Heath becomes a rich rock star and his return causes havoc.

The acting is laughable for the most part. Erika Christensen is the only good part of this movie. Mike Vogel could be a passable douche but he’s a horrible Heath(cliff). He overacts in every scene yelling and screaming. He just doesn’t have the charisma. The production is acceptable for a TV movie. The music ranges from uninspired to horrible. The movie aspires to be so much more but ends up being a weak young adult melodrama. It’s an experiment gone wrong.

MTV, I beggeth thee: cease perverting the classics…

A perfect little atrocity…I doubt if a single shot lasted for more then the reglamentary-MTV 4.4 seconds. Woeful casting, worse even than in Kusminsky’s version (a reminder: he managed to miscast Juliet Binoche and Ralph Feinnnes). But, hey-the rich got what they deserved. Dark and brooding Heathcliff reduced to the state of a golden-locked angel, frail and angellic Catherine presented as a chubby, melon-breasted heffer, meek and weak Linton is a peeping tom, and innocent Isabel becomes Sara Michelle-Gellar’s character from Cruel Intentions. 15-year old Eddie Bauer and Abercrombie and Fitch donners-take notice. This thing was made for you. It is an hour-and-a-half long music video where everything is given to you; you are saved from the uncomfortable necessity of not even trying to understand the complexity of the characters, but even from initial shock at their actions. The actors tried, but, as I stated before, they were miscasted. Decent photography, but editing is on the level of TV production class in high school. I implore you all: read the book, or the cliffnotes even; watch the previous versions of it, even Kusminsky’s; but stay away from the numerous future reruns, during which you will not receive the benefit of the commercial-free premiere.

withering flop

I was skeptical when I first saw the Calvin Kline-esque commercials, but thought I’d give it a chance. So I’ve watched it, and all I can say is bleh. This movie was so bad. It’s rare that I hate a movie this much. Watching this flick reminded me of those funny scenes in Altman’s “The Player,” when the writers pitch their bizarre ideas to producers. I’d like to know which MTV producer decided that an hour and a half long music video adaptation of Bronte (but this time Heathcliff’s name is Heath and he’s a rock star, and Hindley’s name is Hendrix) would be a good idea.

Even that might not have been so bad, had they not gotten every other aspect of the film so horrible wrong as well. The direction must have been “you’re lonely, pout for me.” I laughed out loud during all the “serious” scenes and was bored throughout the rest. The camera work was jagged and repeatedly reminded me that I was watching a bad movie trying to be edgy. My theory is that the sound guy got bored and went down to the beach for a few beers with his boom — all I could hear in half the scenes were the waves. And in the other scenes, I wish that’s all I could hear. And speaking of sound, what they did to the Sisters of Mercy song “More” is absolutely inexcusable, then again, it’s inexcusable what they did to Bronte.

On the bright side, there was one entertaining scene — specifically the moment when Johnny Whitworth licked Katherine Heigl’s face — and if you can tell me what that scene had to do with all the rest of the story more power to you.