Rudraksh (2004)

36% – Critics
36% – Audience

Rudraksh Storyline

When Bhagwan Shri Ram ended the tyrannical rule of Lord Ravanna, he was able to bury his remains underground in Lanka (which subsequently was called Ceylon, and now re-named Sri Lanka). Legacy has it that while Bhagwan Ram was able to kill Lord Ravanna, he was unable to kill the evil which Ravanna had left buried deep underground in Yala, Sri Lanka. Years later an Archealogical group comes across an object called the rudraksh, which when activated will re-create Ravanna and his demon hordes, who will subsequently rule the world. Unfortunately, this rudraksh falls into the hands of an evil Bhuria, who alongwith his lady love, Lali, decides to use it for his own personal power and gain. Bhuria attains special powers, albeit a little raw, as a result, and is on the look-out for a male partner, who has already trained his mind and body – none other than Sage Ved Pujan’s only son, Varun, a sooth-sayer and healer, gentle and unassuming, and one who is fated to join the demon hordes led by Bhuria.—rAjOo (

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Rudraksh Movie Reviews

Confusing but good

I was quite surprised to hear that the film is original because it was a great idea. The movie had a lot of Indian mythology and the use of advance modern technology that looked really good. It was a bit confusing because I don’t know what Rudraksh means before I saw the movie but the technology and the SFX were amazing. The casting was great & the film would be nothing without Sanjay Dutt he is certainly one of my favourite actors and I don’t think I would’ve liked the film if he was not in it. Rudraksh is quite similar to the The Matrix like they go into another world and their hair style & clothing changes but Rudraksh was better because in The Matrix they took 2 solid hours to explain what doe’s Matrix means and it was slower than my grandma but in Rudraksh they only took about 5-10 minutes to explain what Rudraksh means and was narrated by Amitabh Bachan’s fantastic voice after that it was fast paced sci-fi thriller. I think it is the second Bollywood sci-fi after Koi Mil Gaya. The best scene is when Sanjay & Sunil were sword fighting on top of a tower in another dimension and Sanjay had red eyes.

How to F**k-up a brilliant story

A long time after watching Rudraksh, I saw a movie titled Munna Bhai MBBS. I was quite surprised how a simple story line can be made into spectacular movie. Enter Rudraksha, learn how to f**k up a spectacular storyline, totally unseen concept in Hindi movies into a disaster. My friend forced me and took me to this movie’s first day first night show and we repented a lot later.

As of 2010, I have never seen any Hindi movie, who has such original storyline. I felt hurt that they spent all the money into turning it into a piece of crap. They could have donated that money to UNICEF or The Venus Project, at least it could be useful for building a good social environment. If the movie could have been made as original and as spectacular as story line, it could have changed the way people think about Hindi movie industry.

Saturday Night Fever meets Indian Myth (may have a tiny spoiler)

This movie is proof that even the most interesting concept can be destroyed and made into an (unintentional) comedy by a crass producer.

Not even Roger Corman would take a story about the destruction of the world by demons and cast Baywatch-type babes as scientists or have recurring dance numbers breaking out between “dramatic” scenes of murder and mayhem. The sets are so incredibly CHEESY, the wigs and fake beards so obvious, the babes so “Pamela Anderson”, I started thinking it was intended as a comedy… but NOOOOOOO- it’s meant to be serious.

In the “Final Battle” the Evil Demon, (Sunil Shetty) is dressed like John Travolta in Saturday NIGHT FEVER. He multiplies into more “disco dancers”– one of them in a pale blue suit(!!!!)

IDEA: Someone do a remake as Woody Allen did in “WHAT’S UP TIGER LILY”. Make it into the comedy it was never intended to be, but should be!

I felt sorry for Sanjay Dutt, who played Varun. He’s a serious actor and deserves better. I hope he got paid big bucks for that humiliating experience.