Grimm (2003)

  • Year: 2003
  • Released: 04 Dec 2003
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Adwords: 1 win & 3 nominations
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  • Available in: 720p,
  • Language: Dutch, Spanish
  • MPA Rating: N/A
  • Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama
  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Writer: Otakar Votocek, Alex van Warmerdam
  • Director: Alex van Warmerdam
  • Cast: Teresa Berganza, Johan Leysen, Halina Reijn
  • Keywords: spain, camera,
56% – Audience

Grimm Storyline

One winter’s day Jacob and his sister Marie are left behind in the woods by their unemployed father. In his coat Jacob finds a note from his mother urging them to go to their uncle in Spain. They arrive in Spain only to find that their uncle has died. Marie meets Diego, a rich surgeon, and falls in love with him. Diego lives with his domineering sister Teresa. Marie marries Diego. Jacob keeps jealously trying to tear his sister away from Diego. His efforts are in vain and Jacob starts to provoke Diego. It soon becomes clear that Jacob’s defiance won’t go unpunished…—Anonymous

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Grimm Movie Reviews

Dark fairytale

This is about a passionate loving couple, being brother and sister. It is definitely incestous and rivals of different kinds are killed. It’s absurd, it’s a little Bunuel sometimes and mostly funny.

Probably this is supposed to be a modern Grimm tale, but including sex. There are no real human beings here, like in Grimm. Like Hansel and Gretl, the brother and sister are alone in the world, with no parents to lean on. They leave Holland and come to a strange dreamlike Spain, where they meet another brother and sister, evil and crazy.

There certainly are scenes here you will remember, but most of all you will remember the dark humour, which makes you laugh at totally wrong places.

grimmer and grimmer

In a loose adaptation of “Hansel and Gretel”, Dutch siblings Jacob and Marie are abandoned by their parents and eventually make their way to Spain. In Spain, Marie marries surgeon Diego. Everything looks normal at first, but it becomes apparent that Diego might not be quite what he seems, especially after Jacob tries to drag Marie away from him.

What’s really neat about “Grimm” is how it plays with the audience. After they leave the Netherlands, you think that the movie’s important part has already happened, but you’re wrong. Dead wrong. That door in Diego’s house gives me the feeling that along with “Hansel and Gretel”, there’s also a tinge of “Bluebeard” here. And I wonder if that town at the end is the one where they filmed the spaghetti westerns. All in all, this is black comedy at its neatest.

My brief review of the film

Grimm or Grim? The film starts off as a homage to ‘Hansel and Gretal’, the Brothers Grimm’s popular tale, however in the end the film spirals out in a completely different direction to their story, with many bizarre events along the way. The one constant element in the film however is grimness, which almost is cause to wonder whether the filmmakers were having a little pun with the title, except there is no English at all during the film. The best part of it is almost certainly its unpredictability. The film often defies logic, and makes no sense at all more often than not. While it is not all that satisfying to watch illogical events, the film is somewhat intriguing since anything can happen. It has a dark sense of humour at times too, and strange sexual elements are worked into it. Ultimately, the film is too meandering and the point of it all is hard to grasp. It is often repulsive, the characters are not developed so that they can be easily liked, and the hybridisation of the crime, horror, fantasy and western genres tends to jar an already awkward narrative. There are interesting elements at hand here, and a pulsating music soundtrack helps too. It is quite unusual stuff, however it is actually a good film? It is hard to say.