Catatan Si Boy (1987)

89% – Audience

Catatan Si Boy Storyline

A college student from a rich family had a relationship with a girl from his college but the couple’s love was objected by her parents.

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Catatan Si Boy Movie Reviews

boy’s diary (Sooo 80’s)

a movie about a good young man, always sholat, macho, rich, smart, bla bla bla, everything that a girl/woman dream of (at least in the 80’s)name boy, what is he’s point of view in life, & he put it in a dairy.

It’s instantly become a classic & become very famous in the 80’s. The character & the story is a hit play from a famous “youth” radio station: Prambors in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The story is cliché, but the style (fashion: the hair, the dress, the shoes, the way they talk: Makdirabit(damn), Alakmakjan (O my God), Bo’il(car), etc) can captures what consider to be cool for 80’s teenager on that time.

The movie also have a show stealer, the lovable character “Emon” played by Didi Petet. He’s soo funny, soo lovable, soo perfect to play the part.

Hopefully my review help.