Snow Dogs (2002)

25% – Critics
40% – Audience

Snow Dogs Storyline

When Miami dentist Ted Brooks learns that his birth mother has passed away and that he was named in her will, he travels to Alaska to claim his inheritance. Rather than the large chunk of change that many people would expect, Ted instead receives his mother’s pack of rowdy sled dogs and her property. Although the dogs seemingly have it in for Ted, he decides to keep the dogs and race them in the local race, the Arctic Challenge, spiting a mountain man who wants the dogs. What follows is a comedy detailing Ted’s adventures in learning to run the sled dogs.

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Snow Dogs Movie Reviews

Guilty pleasure entertainment

A very enjoyable Disney experience about a dentist that finds out he’s adopted and goes to Alaska which turns out more than what he expected. Quite a heartwarming hilarious film with magnificent Cube Gooding Jr. that is pleasant to watch in almost anything! The dogs are endearing so is the music; I love it all!

A very cute and entertaining family film

My mom has been bugging me to watch Snow Dogs, it’s funny because she hates Disney and I’m such a big fan, but these movies are always typical and I had no interest in seeing the movie. But my mom insisted again and again, so I finally went ahead and watched it last night, yeah, it was very silly and predictable, but it was fun to watch because it’s such a fun family film. It had cheesy jokes here and there, but they made me laugh, the great thing I that I really liked was that they didn’t computer enhance any voices for the dogs, it was just a natural performance for them and it made the story just a little bit more believable. I know everyone keeps claiming that Cuba Gooding, Jr. ruined his career by making these films, but he must be doing something right, because at least he’s still getting paid for these films.

Ted is your typical Miami guy, he’s a dentist, life is pretty decent for him, that is until he finds out that he’s adopted. He finds out that his mother lived in Alaska, so he goes up there and finds out that his biological mother died recently, so he meets a girl, Barb, who tells him that his mother left him her house and top race winning dogs. A man, Jack, offers a lousy price for all of them, but he finds out that Jack is his father, and after hearing the story, Ted heads back to Miami. But he learns something different than Jack told him and heads back, but Jack is trapped in the mountains, and now Ted has to learn how to mush through the snow.

Snow Dogs is predictable and a common story, but it’s all good, it’s a cute family film that has a few cute jokes. I just loved the scene where Ted first learns how to mush, and the dogs know how incompetent he is so they play a joke on him and race him through the town while he’s taped to the sled. It was silly, but Cuba’s look on his face was just priceless. This is a fun little movie that the whole family can enjoy, I recommend it. The rating on IMDb is very harsh, just ignore it, this is a fun film.


Whoo!!!!! The “Golden Age” is almost over, and this movie reminded us of it!!!!!

In 2002, Disney was about to become a very bad company, showing really dumb shows and movies and all that. But before the change, in the early part of the year, Disney let us see some good old stuff one last time before it all went away. The first of this was “Snow Dogs,” which was released in early 2002. Some of the stars included Cuba Gooding Jr., who played Ted Brooks, the Miami dentist, and another star included Sisqo (who you might remember from “The Thong Song!!!!!”)

Ted Brooks, one day, received a summons to see his father in a small town in Alaska. At this point, he was shocked because he didn’t know all his life until that moment that he was adopted. While there, he was asked to take care of several racing dogs, which would be used for the annual dog sledding race that takes place in Alaska each year. He also met an old man, who was a professional dog sledder; he was lost, so Ted Brooks finally learned this sport so that he can save the man just in the nick of time.

“Snow Dogs” was a terrific film. I have just watched this on Disney Channel a few days ago. This is a great movie, because soon then, Disney wouldn’t be making classics like this anymore!!!!!