Slime City (1988)

44% – Critics
44% – Audience

Slime City Storyline

Slime City is the story of Alex, an art student just trying to get some. He rents an apartment from a seemingly sweet old Lizzie to try to sway his girlfriend Lori into ‘sleeping’ over. Roman and Nicole, the building’s other two youth residents take more than a healthy interest in our boy. Nicole practically says ‘Come up and plow me sometime’ and Roman has him over for green pudding and haunted Crème de Methe. Roman explains the goo is Himalayan yogurt made by Lizzie and the wine is made by her dead alchemist father Zachary. Staggering back to his apartment, Alex runs into Nicole. Then they take off their pants and run into each other a few more times. Alex wakes up the next morning covered in slime or possibly melting. He decides to go out for tea and murders a hobo. Before the hobo’s blood is dry, Alex is back to normal. Roman brings by some more goo and Alex hoovers it up. Afterwards, he meets Lori’s parents and ruins dinner with the revelation that he no longer wants to move in with him. He starts to get slimy again and slashes up a prostitute. Finally getting fed up with the slime cycle, Alex confronts Lizzie and Nicole. They reveal he is being fed an elixir and ectoplasmic primer to allow dear, dead dad, Zachary to take over his body. The rest of Zach’s former cult have taken up residence in Roman, Nicole and neighbor Ruby. Alex swears off the junk, reconciles with Lori and they have sex. Unfortunately, Zachary’s hostile takeover is nearly complete and he attacks Lori. Despite no longer being a virgin, Lori hacks Alex into squirmy little bits and saves herself. After the police investigation, Ruby and Lizzie are attempting to rent Alex’s old place to the detective on the case.—badhorrorgoodtimes

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Slime City Movie Reviews

Like weirdsville, daddy-o!

Take a bit of BRAIN DAMAGE, mix with a bit of STREET TRASH, shake well and then pop it in the oven until overdone and the result is SLIME CITY! Hey that is not meant to be a putdown . . . I actually like this movie and not just because the apartment where most of it takes place is a dead ringer for the first New York apartment I lived in!

Seriously now, the story involves Alex (Robert Sabin) art student who moves into a building that has seen better days. The owner/landlady is happy he moved in, a little TOO happy and the tenants are all more than a little weird. Oh well, any old port, right?

The neighbour Ramon offers the new tenant a cup of some green stuff which he calls “Tibetan Yogurt” and some green wine which he calls “an elixir” which knocks Alex flat after a single sip. It isn’t long before he has nightmares about a mysterious black robed figure and hallucinates that he seduces his sexy neighbour. Then again, maybe it ISN’T a hallucination. Hmmmmmmmmmm. Are we venturing into ERASERHEAD territory?

Actually no we aren’t because existentialism soon takes a back seat to supernaturalism. Alex wakes up after his prolonged nightmare and discovers his body is melting! Stumbling down the street he flies into a rage and beats a street tramp to death. Hardly has the unlucky victim gasped out his last breath before Alex returns to normal. This isn’t the end of his troubles though . . . oh no we have many more reels to unspool before this is over. Those few sips of the strange green fluid have hooked him on the strange elixir and melting soon becomes a regular occurrence which only violent murder can reverse. Alex’s girlfriend (Mary Huner) and his frat boy ex-roommate pal are very concerned but can they save him or will they become his victims?

This movie is now available on DVD and many of you will probably want to discover it for yourself so I will not spoil all the surprises, of which this film has many. Somehow the plot covers murder, suicide, Satanism and reincarnation and never loses its coherency. Gore is relatively mild until the end and that’s where all the stops are pulled out. My only regret is that I never got to see this movie at a late night screening with a bunch of stoned, drunk college students. THAT would have been a treat indeed.

Director Gregory Lamberson did a very good job with the limited resources he had. After almost 20 years this film is finally finding its audience. I hope it does well.

Loving this filthy slime.

A young art student Alex moves into some dirty New York apartment where the gallery of weirdos live.Alex receives mysterious Himilayan Yogurt from his friend-an aspiring poet Roman.Unfortunately consuming green goo has deadly consequences as Alex turns into slime-covered mutant with an urge to kill…”Slime City” is the debut feature of independent filmmaker-turned author Gregory Lamberson.The film is cheaply made,but there is enough crazy gore and slime to satisfy fans of such insane classics like “Basket Case”,”From Beyond” or “Street Trash”.The last fifteen minutes of “Slime City” are wonderfully gory and grotesque.So if you are in the mood for some slimy goodness check out this low-budget piece of gory insanity.

low-budget goo-fest that should appeal to fans of that sort of thing

I saw the original video release, not the more recent EI Cinema re-release “Collector’s Edition” which cut some scenes that ran too long without adding anything (so I’ve read). It’s true there are some scenes that don’t contribute anything: people walking up flights of stairs when we’ve already learned the building’s layout, and the like.

Before the movie started, there was a trailer for Rock and the Money-Hungry Party Girls (1988), which looks pretty awful! Looking on the IMDb at Camp Video’s titles, they have a lot of low-budget stuff that doesn’t seem to have been widely seen of late. Let’s see these put back in print!

Slime City is actually pretty enjoyable in a low-budget gory horror kind of way. Another user mentioned Body Melt and Basket Case, and those are fair comparisons I think, although Frank Henenlotter’s Brain Damage might be more accurate than his Basket Case, though without the far-out visuals. Cronenberg may even have been an influence on this director.

A guy and his girlfriend check out a new apartment for him, which his friend helps him move into. His friend affectionately calls him a “slime” for wanting an apartment where maybe he can hook up with women other than his girlfriend, who is a “good girl” or possibly frigid.

Initially it seems the apartment building is full of retirees, but he meets a sexy punk club- goer, and a gloomy garbage-picking poet. The poet serves him some green “Himalayan yogurt” and green alcohol that belonged to the late father of one of the tenants. The poet has blue yogurt, since it’s “his color.” It looks pretty awful, but tastes pretty good.

After having the meal, and hooking up with the punk girl, the next morning he wakes up covered in clear slime. Later, his skin erupts into a mottled mess, dripping all over, and he’s only recognizable because of his clothing. He kills a bum, and is restored to normal.

It turns out that the late old man was an alchemist of some kind, who committed suicide in the basement with his followers, and there is now a collection of colored “yogurts” and wine bottles and books in the basement. Alex is addicted to eating and drinking the stuff, and can’t keep anything else down. The movie gets ickier and gooier as it goes on. Recommended to fans of that kind of thing.