The Breaks (1999)

80% – Critics
80% – Audience

The Breaks Storyline

Funny hood movie about a white boy from Ireland who was adopted by a loving, helpful and supportive black family and then was brought up in the predominant black neighborhood and he was the minority. The introduction does great at setting the world and characters up for the easy to follow story that does not require full attention to back able—gotdathang

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The Breaks Movie Reviews

Along the lines of the movie, Friday

After waiting weeks to locate the movie, I was not disappointed in finally getting to see it. I was laughing from the beginning to the end of that movie. I would definitely recommend this one to all of my friends who like this brand of comedy.

Definitely not as bad as some people have said

I had a feeling that “The Breaks” would have some bad reviews on IMDb, but it is good to see that it had some very high ones too because it is not a bad movie.

I think what turns people off is the opening sequence. The opening sequence in this movie is poorly acted and has some bad gags that could of turned out better if it was acted better. But don’t have a negative attitude towards this movie forever after that. After the movie gets going it becomes funnier and the actors that did poorly in the beginning suddenly start doing well. And it is great for rest of the movie.

The jokes in this movie (bar the opening sequence) are very funny and sometimes very original. There are some good laugh out loud moments.

Acting wise it is pretty good (once again, bar the opening sequence). Some good cameos throughout too.

Overall it is not the funniest movie ever but it is very entertaining. It may be enjoyed more if you are a fan of hip hop and/or hood movies but I’m pretty sure someone not familiar with that whole scene will still enjoy this movie. A funny, original comedy.

Up there with Friday, CB4, Don’t be a Menace To Society…

A funny, funny, funny movie… It’s ALMOST a typical “day in the hood” comedy, except it revolves around a White Irishman, raised by a Black family in Compton… Derrick (“White Mike” from “Martin”), accompanied by his best friend Chris (“Cole” from “Martin”) adventure around the neighborhood, chased by Cops and Thugs, in search of a carton of milk… There are not only several side-stories to enjoy here, developing snippets of ideas from other movies (“I’m Gonna Get You Sucka”, “Friday”, “Pulp Fiction”), but there are countless guest stars from other “day in the hood” type movies, as well as from the rap, funk, and basketball worlds… If you like Friday, CB4, Fear Of A Black Hat, Don’t Be A Menace To Society, Who’s The Man, etc…You owe it to yourself to check out “The Breaks”.

I give it an 8/10 (with only Fear Of A Black Hat getting a higher score from me in this genre)