Kimberly (1999)

  • Year: 1999
  • Released: 28 Oct 1999
  • Country: United States
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  • Available in: 720p, 1080p,
  • Language: English, French, Spanish
  • MPA Rating: R
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Runtime: 110 min
  • Writer: Frederic Golchan, Guy de Maupassant
  • Director: Frederic Golchan
  • Cast: Veronica Alicino, Gabrielle Anwar, Willow Anwar
  • Keywords: train,

Kimberly Storyline

Gabrielle Anwar stars in the romantic comedy DADDY WHO? (aka KIMBERLY). She plays Kimberly, an English girl and daughter of an Olympic rower, who agrees to coach an inept rowing team. The four guys on the team all agree not to try and woo the beautiful Kimberly, but each does so anyway. However, when she ends up pregnant and no one knows which one of them is the father, they all agree to help prepare for the baby’s arrival. United by the prospect of fatherhood, the team is able to train for their rowing competition and, along with Kimberly, become a close knit family.—Anonymous

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Kimberly Movie Reviews

A romantic comedy which is neither romantic nor funny.

“Kimberly” tells of an SWF (Anwar) who is recruited as a coxswain by a four man rowing team. This simple minded story follows the four relationships which ensue. Fraught with inferiority in all aspects, “Kimberly” is a waste of time for all but the most diehard romantic comedy junkies. The script is unimaginative, the screen play amateurish, and the only believable actor is Anwar with the rest mechanically going through one silly scenario after another. Contrived, predictable, naive, silly, etc. In a word, just plain lame.

and they were OK with this?

so let me get this straight… these 4 guys from philly “all” bang their rowing instructor… OK, i can buy that, it’s pretty believable. when they find out, one calls her a slut (even though he was involved in another relationship, and cheated with her, but then, i think she new he had a long term live-in girlfriend when she slept with him), and the other guy tries to break his face for it, because he’s sure he is in love with her. spoiler—- the other two didn’t even actually have sex with her, though one thought he did, and the other is just so damned gentle, sweet, and nice, he pretended to have done it, to make his friends feel better, since he was so damned superior to them… then they all decide to be there for her, support her through the pregnancy, and play daddy… no one even asked for a DNA test? righhhhht and of course it turns out to be the guy who loves her who is the father, because good things happen to pretty girls in movies.

we’re totally glossing over the part where they won a row race with only the scantest bits of training…

OK, so the plot is really not truly set in this world… so what, it’s a movie. the settings are excellent, and made me super homesick for philly (probably because they avoided showing how damn dirty most of the city is) the casting truly wasn’t bad, nor the acting as bad as some people on here are accusing it of having been. Jason Lewis portrayed old philly money perfectly, as did the folks who played his parents. Sean Astin was a perfect rendition of at least a half a dozen guys i knew from back home…

so the plot didn’t sell me, the acting wasn’t too bad…

guys, there could be worse movies to get stuck watching with your girl…

Don’t Waste your Time!

I recently saw this movie on Lifetime, It is about a woman who is a rowing coach to 4 men, she becomes pregnant and the 4 men wonder if they are the father to her child as they have all had a “relationship” with her. The characters are totally unbelivable. The men “change” when they think they may be dads, example a man takes up crocheting a blanket. At the end of the movie she finally tells the men which one is the dad, of course all the men are in the delivery room. The movie tries some humor that is just not funny… men rushing around like morons when they get the page that she is in labor. I found the story line completely pointless and a complete waste of time. Along with some bad acting!